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I read her other threads and feel quite sorry for her. She's absolutely miserable. Women like her are (part of) the reason why lesbians are constantly harassed by MTFs, to a greater extent than gay men. They're bending backwards to please men and TRAs, regardless the cost to themselves. In another thread she wrote about not being attracted to his genitals, but

I just can't really imagine a world where I'm as turned on by her P as I am by a V. It's just that I find it really tricky to differentiate this idea of a penis I've had all my life, and my fear of them, and then the ultimate discovery that I'm a lesbian and am with a transfem partner, and needing to like literally adjust my entire world view of what a woman's body can look like AND feel equal attraction to her. My mind is pretty there but it's like my body can't catch up. I sometimes accidentally fantasise about her having a V in sexy time and then I feel like shit and then I start thinking about transphobia (and transbianphobia) and it ruins any sexy mood I was in. I'm a fierce advocate for 'there is no one way a woman's body looks, anybody who feels they are a woman is a woman and so lesbians can love woman regardless of their parts' but like what about the socialisation part? How can I train myself to find her as sexy as I would a cis woman and not wish she had different parts? I realise this is horrible to say and that it shouldn't matter. It's like I hate this transphobic world and all of the conditioning I have which is causing this problem. How can I change it?

A woman who - as she herself wrote - was so susceptible to social pressures that only dated men despite being gay (and I'm sure she's not even from a very homophobic place), is now once again suppressing her own identity to live according to another ideology. Why are women like that? I don't get it. Why can't she have at least a bit of respect for what she feels and herself as a person? What matters to her now is adapting some ''lesbian fashion'' and ''looking like a lesbian couple''. She doesn't live in the real word, does she? She even wrote that her bf ''ponders'' that he ''might'' be trans, and doesn't even id as a woman himself. It's all in her head, she's all about creating some image of herself for the society to look at, regardless how much of her actual feelings she has to deny to create this image that in [insert current year] she has found to be ''the most desirable'' to have.

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typical pick-me shit