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From chapter 1 of the forthcoming book "Astrid2448's Field guide to spotting trans in the wild"

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I feel like you're missing the men in sports that transition mainly to have an advantage, and the men in prison that transition so they can be housed with the women.

And I guess you should include the child abuse cases, where you have the kids as young as 4 and 5 whose parents are telling them they're trans. Those are the cases that piss me off.

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transitioning into a lesbian

transitioned into a gay man

This sounds super cringy and misleading.


I met all of those, and met mixes all of those, and met opposite of those.

You mean it is the types that are most vocal and which you met the most? Can mostly agree, but not completely. As all people are different. And putting labels and gender stereotypes is what they do, not us, LGB is opposite to making labels.

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How is that misleading? That’s what they’re attempting to do. I’m stating what the group is so I can make my point.

And yes, read the first paragraph. “ (Obviously this is a generalization. Just a trend I’ve noticed. Focusing on people who are gay or straight, not bisexual, as I’ve found the bisexual trans people to be a mix of the groups.)”

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How misleading or cringy?

Well, you can't "transition" into sexuality. If that was a possibility, then conversion therapy would work. And it doesn't.

And it is what older LGB people were affected by (and nowadays in some authoritarian countries like Iran or Russia), when society is trying to "convert" LGB person into a "straight" person.

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Gee whiz, it’s almost like I’m a member of droptheT and not the biggest fan of trans ideology. It’s almost like I can state what a group is for the purposes of a list without agreeing with their beliefs. 🙄

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Not sure what do you mean here, as I just wrote that this sounds very cringy and misleading, and it is. And I understand that you do not support this and just copying what TRA are saying, but that is not making copy of their words less cringy.

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I think they mean to say that people who are transitioning decide to 'change' their sexuality dependent on the gender they now associate themselves with, even though that isn't very logical to begin with.

A man transitioning into a female will most of the time say that they are 'lesbian', which actually means they are straight since they are still a biological male.

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Yes, I understand that, and that is why it is cringy. It is like those straight men who are dating transmen and saying they are gay, but don't want to do anything with actual men with penises. Gender theory new meanings to words are making everything so confusing and disgusting, nothing means anything anymore.

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I don't actually know if this is what the other commenter meant, but I do think there is something to be said for refusing to use terminology by TRAs standards. E.g. "straight man transitioning to a lesbian"-- we all know here that that is ridiculous. But I like to be extra clear in my own writing and say something like "in TRA-speak, ..." or "straight man who thinks he is transitioning to a lesbian". Sometimes curious readers might find a forum and not know context and be confused. Also, it's kind of a small way of standing up against this nonsense. Just my 2cents.

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Type 2 contains different subtypes that often overlap: (1) autogynephiles, (2) autistic and otherwise lost men with no success with women who are looking for an identity and f community; (3) transtrender incels who want social power. All 3 of these commonly (but not always) have an obsession with anime and use anime for the model of the women they want to become. All enjoy the social power they wield from being trans. Autogynephiles are interesting because they’re not all people who would not have luck with women. The more autogynephiles who talk openly about it, the clearer this becomes. But the more they get sucked into the cult and the bad influences; the more lost and self-obsessed they become.

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These are all of them, but we are ALL “faggots” to anyone outside the community, even the transes. Most people don’t know know how different we all are.

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Type 3 and 5 overlap quite often in my experience. My theory is that many who start out as type 3 grow bitter once they realize they won't get handed their real-life yaoi fairytale by the gay male community and turn into type 5, though still differing in that they don't want to be included in explicitly female spaces. And Type 1 doesn't really exist anymore. Trans-identified men who are into men are exclusively pseudobisexuals nowadays.

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There are definitely still gay guys who try to escape their sexuality by transitioning. They arent quite as loud or creepy as trans “lesbians,” But they definitely exist.

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The ones who do don't fit Type 1. They are very downlow and not interested in girly things nor sassy.

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Isn't that pretty much Blaire White? Sassy gay stereotype turned MtF and pretty much admits that being too femme for gay guys was part of the decision to transition.

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Who knows, likely but hard to tell without actually knowing what's going on inside White's head. I've seen more than enough supposedly gay MtFs who were very adamant about being "truscum" and "HSTs" and then turned out to frequent the same fetish communities as the average AGP and very much being interested in women. Remember, an actual gay man has no reason to be interested in femininity. The only gay men I could see transitioning that way are ones like those in the middle east, where it's either transition or death. A gay man raised in a highly homophobic, religious environment for example, who likely will have an easier time seeing himself as a woman who is with men than as homosexual. Such people are unlikely to find any joy in their femininity though, which rules out the kind obsessed with make-up and dresses.

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Plenty of gay men who don't even consider themselves trans love makeup and fashion. There are a lot of people in entertainment like this. Some examples could be Jeffree Star and James Charles. I don't see why a gay man who transitions couldn't like those things.

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AGP. A good quarter of the gay community is bisexual or heterosexual crossdressing men. It's only recently that they began identifying as trans as well.

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I'm aware they exist. I'm just saying that saying ALL men who like feminine things must just be AGP isn't true

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Depends on which feminine things one talks about. I'd certainly go so far as to say that 99% of men who "like to wear dresses" do so for fetishistic reasons. Mind, I'm talking about people who seek these things out. It's perfectly possible to be a "trans woman" and not be all that girly in presentation. You, on the other hand, described Type 1 as "in love with heels and dresses."

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Yeah, in love with heels and dresses in the same way as a typical insta model or LA party girl.

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I think Type 1 people are just more often than other types interested in blending in, disconnecting from LGBT, and actually just living their lives. The people who actually just want to pee and can often get away with using female spaces without detection.

An exception is someone like Laverne Cox who enjoys having the social power that comes with being trans. Probably because Cox knows that black women comparatively lack social power and that they would have no career if they were seen as a black woman and not a black trans woman. They would be judged against the harsh standards that black women are faced with and wouldn’t be called stunning or brave.

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I'd agree with the second paragraph. As for the first, since the amount of homophobia necessary to pressure a man who has no AGP at all into identifying as trans is very high and more often seen in countries where being homosexual is illegal, it's an almost non-existent group here. My comment on their mindset was not going by raw numbers either but by all the people I have personally been in contact with, which was hundreds. Time and time again, people who identified as HSTS turned out to simply be AGPs who hid it better.

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I definitely agree that a lot of AGPs try to pretend they're HSTS.

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I think type 1's are more common in black and latino spaces, they also go super stealth. There's a wave of them on instagram as influencers/wannabe influencers. They blend in well as many of the hyper-feminine straight women influencers get all this plastic surgery done and facetune and filter the shit out of their pics. Not to mention that the women's makeup trends in these communities are very favorable to trans. When they do talk about being trans, it's usually in a super exclusive groups of other stealth tgirls and their chasers. Think a Nikita Dragun type, except Nikita milks trans identity as a way to get fame and stand out.

I wouldn't rule them out on pseudobisexuality, necessarily. A lot of heterosexual women in similar hyper-sexualized communities have become pseudobisexuals.

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I think type 1's are more common in black and latino spaces

That would make a lot of sense! Homophobia tends to unfortunately be more common in those communities.

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Yuuuuup I know so many type 4’s just living life and being normal, functional people and my family trans is type 5-fucking tiresome social justice warrior with learned helplessness from an abusive parent and a desire to be special and have everything paid for them because of their TrAuMa

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There's a Type 7 "non- binary" STRAIGHT male. Has a beard, dresses typically male except for 1 "colorful/wacky" article of clothing like ties, socks, shoes. Uses it as "I'm not a man" cover to hurl misogynistic abuse at women, particularly lesbians. Examples Gregor Murray, Ezra Miller.

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To me this just sounds like type 6. I never said type 6 has to be gay or bi, i said they usually are, and that they often use their identity as a source of power in political conversations

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before i came out, around 2016ish, i would have said type 1 and type 4 made up the bulk of trans people, and while i knew type 2 and 3 existed, i thought they were the rare exception.

spending time in online lgbt spaces was mindblowing.

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Bang on. Would only add... Type 3: Many go by Elliot.

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There it is haha. The unholy trinity

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Fits a few of the people I know. I know a Type 6 who is pretty low-key and thought they were a Type 2 for a while but came back from the brink. Not at all bisexual as far as I know, but definitely always wore nail polish and sometimes liked to wear dresses, etc. I know a Type 5 who is pretty much dead accurate but actually is lesbian and also identifies as a femme, changes their pronouns frequently enough that it's hard to keep up, but is always offended if misgendered.