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Hot damn, I’m so happy you’re still doing this, Gayo.

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So happy to find you all here! I was a longtime lurker who was about to post when the sub got banned. I’m a straight woman and longtime LGB ally, way before “ally” was even a thing.😂 Back then it was just an “I don’t see anything abnormal about homosexuality” thing. Nowadays it seems almost quaint to say the word “homosexual” - the sheer craziness of that is still something I can’t quite fathom!

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I sincerely mean that I truly appreciate all the work that has gone into carving this space out for us. I was pretty down emotionally that not only my favorite subs were deleted but all the posts that I had made in those subs were gone, too. I have enjoyed watching it grow.

Thank you.

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Thank you. It is like visiting an old friend.

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And it pisses the TRAs the hell off too. Let’s keep their heads spinning like Linda Blair and recruit recruit recruit!

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Really namedrop anywhere relevant you can sense someone open to questioning the trans narrative or literally peaking.

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Glad to reach our first milestone here, and nice that you're here to announce it! Hope our members find us again

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Hah! This is great.

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This is exciting. Hopefully we can get more people on this website as well.

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Someone posted on one of the threads and linked to Saidit. I thought that wonderful. Not only did it peak the people that read it, but they could easily see the sub and know that we are here. Saidit will grow.

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Excellent. Here's hoping that his growth continues.

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sadly this site doesn't host pictures (sigh) so just look over there an image I posted a pic of the numbers ---------->

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You can post pictures my friend! SaidIt just doesn't host them, so you have to make it on Imgur or some other image hosting site.

You post it as "Submit a new link", just like on Reddit.

You can also just add the link into your text post, if you'd rather do it that way.

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yah I know i was just lazy lol I liked that I could just drop a pic on reddit.

well honestly... a little defeated, that we are on budget reddit, forced out after we were doing so well.

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I know, it really reaches into your heart and squeezes it :(

We knew it was coming though. Us mods had talked about it quite a bit behind the scenes, and understood that if r/GC ever got banned, we were next on the chopping block. r/GC played by and adjusted their rules for YEARS and still got the axe, we honestly did the bare minimum. After r/GC went down, and even the debate sub ... we didn't change a damn thing, we knew it was pointless.

But hey, don't you worry! LGB has fought hard and risen from the ashes time and time again, and we will not be defeated! Let everyone know that Reddit has decided sexual orientation is hate speech against gender identity, and we do not get to exist on their platform despite "sexual orientation" being a protected class. It's very obvious that homosexuals/bisexuals are now considered as people "who try to hide their hate in bad faith claims of discrimination".

Keep getting the word out that we're still here on SaidIt, wherever you can!

It's a long copy-paste, but here's how you name-drop us on Reddit now:


That will auto-format into a direct hyperlink to us here. Copy the characters like [] and () exactly as shown.

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that's handy, thanks! We need to keep posting in places on reddit that will bring up lgbt topics, so we can keep open a little underground railroad for any peaked LGB people to come here. So many of our members found us just from mentions elsewhere. Lgb youth should know there's a pace for them.

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Absolutely, keep letting them know we exist and where to find us.

Once I finish up all my coding/etc woes here, I'll be keeping an eye out for any mentions of us on Reddit ;)

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what exactly are you coding here? Is there secret stuff??

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Haha, nothing crazy. Just fixing up design/CSS, figuring out how AutoMod works now, re-creating Wiki pages, those sorts of things.

This site is like Reddit 5 years ago, so adjustments have to be made for a lack of abilities. I have to take all the code I spent the last year and a half refining, and go backwards with it.

For example, our sidebar is limited with the number of characters we can use. So, while us mods are discussing which rules to change or open up, we also have to figure out how many letters we can use to say it. Then we have to come up with templates of what should be displayed up-front and what should be explained via a link to the Wiki. And then after all of that, it has to get tested, refined, and implemented.

And even with what the sidebar is, we know there are more things we want to do with it to make it cleaner and easily usable... but before we can get there, we need to at least make it work, and the rules digestible for all of our users.

But ... psssstt ... I am preparing to reveal some tidbits about our old sub, get your drama-cap ready! Announcement coming in the next day or so!

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budget reddit 🤣🤣🤣

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you were all thinkin' it when you got here

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I could just drop a pic on reddit.

Actually... if you have a pic on your computer, you can drag and drop it to the "Browse..." button when making a post. Then it will auto-post it to imgur and auto-make a link for you and put it in the URL bar. It might be the fastest way to post something to imgur and get a URL

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hey thanks that worked great... how long does the pic stay on imgur for? or is it a permanent link?

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Glad you got it to work, it's pretty nice, right? It's a permanent link

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Here, I made it for you, take it!

Also, we love you and thank you for always announcing and encouraging us!!!

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awwww <3

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Glad to see many have moved as well. TRA pathetic attempt to erase us by getting our subs banned isn’t going to work.

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I went ahead and cancelled my Reddit account, too, citing in the appropriate box the deletion of LGBDTT and GenderCritical. Corporations react to and are motivated the lack of engagement on their platforms (and associated advertising $) more than anything else. If you want to clap back, that’s the best way imo.

P.S. We’ve gone up three subscribers since I joined an hour ago!!!

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I'm glad, I was so sad to see this sub gone. Glad I found this sub again!

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I hope that LGBDropTheT will be the seed of a new LesBiGay rights organization. Lord knows, we need one now, because we've been forced out of what is now clearly the Trans/Queer Rights movement. Over in the UK, they've now got LGB Alliance.