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OMG they are arguing about cartoon dicks

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How in the world is pre-op trans women not male like?! They’re men!

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That’s just what I was thinking! If they weren’t male then they wouldn’t need the op to be female like!

I’m consistently stunned at how idiotic shit like this has become accepted, normalized, and encouraged. Like, what do they think they op is for!? It’s inherently contradictory, even if you buy into trans logic!

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One of the comments on the thread says:

"literally every lesbian i've ever met is attracted to trans women"

You can't help but laugh at the delusion.

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'Cause literally every "lesbian" they're ever met is a "trans woman"!

oh wait... "transbians" don't do girldick! Something something muh dysphoria! Silly me: THAT'S just for, yanno, bio-women exclusively attracted to same, duh!

never mind/s

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You can't help but laugh at the delusion.

Don't give them the benefit of the doubt. It's most likely just pure lies.

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Omg you can't make this shit up!

Angry transbian men made a new sub that's called r/actualyuri and it's a sausage fest like r/actuallesbians.

Also the comments are gold. They are calling vaginas male genitals because they think their fantasy biology applies to the real world and that dildos should be banned too.

What a trainwreck but it's great that they are getting told to fuck off in the comments.

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they have 2 groups about futa and stuff. And THEY CAN create their own group. But , you know , everyone should be thinking like them, otherwise hate speech

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well it's called yuri (lily) and not cactus for a reason.

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It's called yuri! Not sausage! 😂

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Oh man that thread is depressing. The homophobia in the T is sickening. "Lesbians like strap-ons so they have to love dicks!" Back to Christian conversion therapy.

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At least Christian Conversion therapy was honest :c

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I don't even like strap-on But strap-on is a piece of silicone toy used by a female, comparing it to male genitalia is pure delusion. They just typical hetero male pervs. It's disgusting how they've been normalized.

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Nobody ever got pregnant from using a strapon. Besides, lesbians can masturbate digitally without needing a penis around!

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Every time I read the words '...some females can have a penis' I unintentionally snicker, and then reality sets in and I realize they actually think that and I get sad.

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I realize they actually think that and I get sad.

Not only that but their sympathizers always have to talk around it.

"This is transphobic because it's saying trans men aren't men"


But nobody can admit that anymore, it's forbidden. I really wonder with how rabid the TQ are how much longer the general public will keep up appearances of support.

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Gee, I wonder if that sub will be added to the Evil Hate Sub List and be targeted for the outrageous crime of not wanting to see penis?

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Well, I sure hope so. Apparently no voice is louder than an angry incel. I hope they ban the "anime yuri subreddit" because it's "transphobic". That would be incel vs incel!

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Futa is honestly the most disgusting shit. I find dicks on "women" offputting anyway, but Futanari porn is a whole new level of ickiness. The dicks are usually comically massive and drawn to be extremely ugly and gross (excessive veins and wrinkes and stink lines lmao) and most "Futa" porn also incorporates physical and/or mental abuse, torture, gore, rape, bestiality etc.

I don't think "vanilla" Yuri is pure considering a lot of it is made for men. But they did the right thing to ban "futa." Not just because of the dicks but because of the vile stuff that goes along with it.

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Futa is equivalent to sissy fetish here. Where the reader wants to view themselves as degraded and humiliated (a woman) but also with a penis so they want penetrate women

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Futanari arent typically the target of humiliation. At least from my brief yet way too insightful encounter with the fandom. The futanari characters are portrayed as "dominant", cruel, and sadistic, and "superior" to women... because they have dicks, of course. They're often portrayed as "goddesses" and the like.

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And futa is often used to ruin lesbian pairings. Idiots have no idea of how to have sex (or they do, but think it doesn't count as "real sex") without a dick, so they make one of the characters a futa. Imo it's rooted in lesbophobia and dick worship.

Is there even a genre of manga of "man with vagina"? Is it even exists, it's not as popular as futa and you know exactly why.

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I'm kind of a Yuri expert in the sense that I was part of one of the big scanlation teams that helped got Yuri popular in the west in the 00s and used to do a lot of panels at anime conventions. First of all, westerners always try to put their western perspective on manga and anime. They don't understand that Japan has a completely different culture. Yuri isn't even really a lesbian thing. It is more now with modern Yuri but before it was meant as a pure romance thing. Whereas if you have a hetero relationship it couldn't be pure but one between women was seen that way. It was seen as a way for young girls to discover romance before meeting their husband in university. It was seen as a niche romance genre and usually the mangakas were men or straight women. Even though I'm a lesbian, I was never bothered by the fact that half my panels were men because to me Yuri isn't an exclusively lesbian thing. It is not meant to be representative of lesbian relationships.

In the 90-00s there was the start of a shift towards it being more representative of authentic same sex relationships. Bi and lesbian mangakas would be hired by magazines and Yuri got better and more popular. It was also around that time that trans people would get mentioned in Yuri but not in the way these people think. Transmen are in some Yuri because in Japan transmen stick with lesbians and transwomen with gay men. There is also a distinction between transvestites (crossdressers) and transexuals (takes hormones and lives full time as the other sex). Although it's old now, the best realistic example of this in Yuri is the manga Honey & Honey. You could also go into any gay bar in Japan and see what I mean.

Futa is a type of hentei and is completely unrelated to Yuri. I don't like hentei and have limited knowledge on this but it's very much a different thing. There is the beginning of an LGBT influence in manga though so it might change in the future.

Another example of this sort of cultural misunderstanding is how westerners think the character in Bloom into you is asexual.

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They are simply nuts, albeit very clever gaslighting nuts. Unusual for a sub to tell them no. They are not about wholesome.

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Actual Yuri but they're all trans. I seriously do not understand how people can actually unironically believe all this horse crap and expect themselves to be taken seriously.

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Seems as much 'actual yuri' as actuallesbians has actual lesbians, which is not much

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Reeeeeeeeeeeeeee, reality won’t conform to my demands

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And here we see the ultimate in the Trans agenda: They think that anyone who says they are a woman should have all of reality ignored for them. And this of course applies to the trans men as well

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A couple different people saying this stuff:

Vaginas are male-like genitalia because there are men who have them. Stop supporting transphobic bigotry.

if a trans girl has "male-like genitalia", literally everyone has "male-like genitalia", and implying that trans women are "male-like" is pretty shitty.

the rule actually excludes literally all possible genitalia, not just dicks.

Calling it "male like genitalia" explicitly implies that pre-op trans women are somehow more male than post op trans women.

And one of them keeps insisting this:

literally every lesbian i've ever met is attracted to trans women

every lesbian i've ever met was either actually already dating a trans woman at the time or at least enthusiastically expressed their attraction for trans women unprompted. because lesbians generally like trans women, actually.

Also lol:

Calling cis normal (and therefor trans as something abnormal) is transphobic but ok.

Genuine question, how old do you think these people are? Are these teenagers? I'm kind of getting that vibe.

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Nah, it's not about their age, it's about how isolated from the real world they are (hint: a lot). Insanity has no age.

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most likely adolescence 10-19. There's some things wrong with my generation (iGen/Gen Z).

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wow the comments, like why are they surprised that people who go to a mostly nsfw sub for yuri might not want to see male genetalia? Didn't expect that the mods calling penises 'male-like genetalia' would be so controversial, crazy

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They miss us so much, they've got to harass people over stupid shit like this to feel alive again

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rofl @ "male-like genitalia"

You mean a dick? It's not "male-like genitalia". It's male genitalia. It's not even debatable. There is no argument. There is no ambiguity. There is no confusion. Men have dicks. Males have dicks.

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That comicalysans poster reminds me of how, yano when your having an argument about the ethics of something and you know your just 99% wrong but you still have that 1% of the argument that makes sense, so you push push push it until the other person capitulates more ground? Yeah... That's what his post reminds me of.