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I miss your reddit screenname but glad to hear you're still drinking!

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LMAO, cheers my friend!

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What's the best way for us to report rule-breaking content to the mods? It doesn't seem to be like reddit where you can choose the specific sub rule.

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Adding those options momentarily ... apologies! You'll have the same option to "report" as before.

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Good to know! And thank you all for getting this place up and running. Today has been very tough, but being able to come here and vent has made it more bearable. :)

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Ooooh I am READY for that behind-the-scenes tea! 👀

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Thanks for being right on top of this and being prepared for the banning.

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I don't understand why "gender critical" language is forbidden and we are forced to use "MtF/FtM" instead.

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I'll get the full details and FAQs back up and in our Wiki soon... here's our answer:

LGB people and our allies come from a variety of backgrounds and political beliefs around the world, and we do not take a stance on which is correct. Gender-critical or even trans-critical content is allowed as long as it refrains from insulting/mocking/dehumanizing, and keeps LGB representation in mind.

We do not allow these acronyms because they're forcing language of a specific belief (Radical Feminism) onto everyone else, which is against the spirit of this sub - being free of any specific ideological influence. We are not here to cater to T or Pro-T, but we're also not "Gay r/GenderCritical". Using language which is specific to a non-LGB group divides our community. Additionally, users also may refer to the original "Timothy/Tiffany" understanding, which is mocking and antagonistic.

We suggest using the following terminology instead: FTM / MTF, trans-identified (fe)male, trans (wo)man, trans natal (fe)male. Speak in more general terms so everyone understands what you're saying without having to search for definitions or passively support a cause/meaning just to have a discussion.

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This is going to be fun.

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Considering that this is no longer Reddit I don't see the need for continuing the heavy censorship, especially the long list of "disallowed words", in which many aren't even offensive, and are totally valid to discuss in an abstract context (eg: discussing the history of a specific term)

Although so far I've seen no AutoMod or SnapshillBot (thank god) so maybe our comments won't get nuked in a false flag.

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Can archiving or taking a screenshot of content instead of making a direct link be mandatory instead? I am trying to minimize my clicks to Reddit wherever possible, and I know that I'm not the only one. This will also prevent pages that get removed or changed from being lost forever.

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When we first started our sub on Reddit, we did have that as a rule - always provide an archive link in the comments.

Even when we were small, a lot of people didn't follow it though ... it was mostly us mods going out of our way to provide an archive on every post. Eventually we were able to rely on a bot to do it, but that bot doesn't seem to be on SaidIt.

I'll ask the bot creator if he has any plans to recreate it on this site.

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God it is SO HARD to abide by the same rules after what they've done to us. I admire you for reinstating them over here. I'll do my best but just know that it's taking all my willpower not to go nuclear & let it all hang out!

Seriously, thanks for putting in the work to create this backup.

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It's really unfortunate to be forced to Saidit. Let's be honest; if you look at the other groups here a lot of them are alt-right, or outright spouting conspiracy theories. Saidit is not a forum that can be said to be much better than the worst parts of Reddit. The TRAs behind the mass banning are trying to push criticism of the trans movement to areas where it will be regarded as "just another member of the fringe" in an attempt to delegitimize our voices. It's very important that our voices are heard in mainstream areas as well and we have to continue to fight for this.

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Let's be honest; if you look at the other groups here a lot of them are alt-right, or outright spouting conspiracy theories.

That's because they've all been banned from Reddit too. Alt-right and conspirators aren't just gonna disappear because Reddit banned them, people are gonna flock somewhere.

Alternate sites look like a hellscape because so far, they've been the majority populating them. As more and more subs and users get the axe for wrong-think, alternate sites like these are gonna expand because reasonable people need to find a new home too.

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The question becomes though: do we risk damage by creating a forum within a community that has users and even moderators who are actively pushing alt-right, anti-science, fringe conspiracy content like how COVID-19 is a scam? Or does moving to a more private, less visible community like on hurt more overall by reducing critical voices to the sidelines? I really don't know.

At any rate, it's just a general warning that SaidIt's existing userbase as a whole should not necessarily be considered friendly to our cause.

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All LGB are welcome in our sub, and always have been. Aside from our sexual orientation, LGB are not a monolith, and some of them will be alt-right, anti-science, and fringe-conspiracy theorists.

If you don't like this particular site and how it's broader than just one narrative, you should probably go somewhere else. Like maybe back to Reddit, where all the "evil" people are getting banned from.

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