DropTheT is a community of gay, lesbian, and bisexual men and women (and our allies) who believe that the LGB community should separate from the Transgender and Queer+ communities.

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The Official sub of the "Drop The T" movement and "LGB Drop The T".


  • 21st Feb 2019 - 10th July 2020

Eat Shit, Powermods r/DropTheT

  • 6th Nov, 2015 - 21st Feb 2019


This sub enforces language and topic censoring.

Mods will remove opposing viewpoints, regardless of where on the Pyramid Of Debate they may be.

Violations may result in a permanent ban without notice.

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1. General Guidelines / Civility:

  • All LGB are welcome here, regardless of background or ideology.
  • Be respectful of each other's differences. Discuss and debate ideas, not individuals.
  • No slap-fights or name-calling.

2. Appropriate Content:

  • Why LGB and TQ+ should no longer be part of the same organization.
  • LGB news, concerns, history, and/or personal affairs.
  • Other topics must demonstrate applicability towards LGB or "dropping the T".

3. Off-Topic Posts / Comments:

  • No anti-trans memes/mockery. No "trans people behaving badly" unless it shows a clear and direct impact on LGB.
  • No AMAs, debate, whataboutism, or "why do you want to" or "Keep The T!" posts.
  • Straight/trans allies may post as long as content is LGB-relevant. No validation threads.
  • No agenda-pushing, dividing the community, or derailing.

4. Disallowed Language:

  • No implying that men/women are defined by gender.
  • No implying that sexuality is defined by gender.
  • No homophobia/biphobia or accusations of bigotry.
  • No racism or anti-semitism.
  • No slurs, crudity, or shock/gore.

5. Social Media Content:

  • Direct links to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Reddit, SaidIt, (etc) are allowed.
  • Archiving or screenshots are encouraged.
  • No self-advertisement posts.
  • No posts about being banned from other subs.

6. Sitewide Rules:

Please familiarize yourself with SaidIt Rules and TOS.

  • Don't post anything illegal.
  • No pornography or nudity.
  • No sexualizing minors.
  • No doxxing.



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