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Q. I've heard you're transphobic, and want to exclude the T from LGBT+?

A. Trans people may be same-sex orientated, and therefore are naturally included in LGB when they are. The issues and priorities for people who are attracted to the same sex (homosexual/bisexual) are different from those of transgender people. With a number of LGBT+ organizations focused solely on trans issues, our focus is on LGB people and LGB concerns.

We fully support trans people in their struggle, for dignity, respect and a life lived free from bigotry and fear. We don’t hate trans people and we don’t wish to see them erased.

Q. Are you sure that LGB are united here? There's an awful lot of infighting.

A. It’s no secret that lesbians and gay men don't always get on or see eye to eye, and both groups often forget about bisexual people. We're not a single homogeneous group and we naturally have our different issues, opinions, and priorities. However, we do have one thing that binds us: our sexual orientation and attraction to people of the same sex.

It is perfectly possible to disagree with a person's view or opinion without hating them or the group they are part of. Where disagreement exists, it's important to be able to have open and honest discussions; especially when it comes to human rights.

Q. Don't intersex people prove that biological sex isn't binary?

A. We reject the co-opting of rare medical Differences in Sexual Development (DSDs/intersex conditions) in order to cast doubt on the binary nature of sex.

Our biological sex (female or male) is determined at conception. When we are born, our sex is observed and recorded, and is often observed before we are even born. In 99.98% of cases, our primary sex characteristics, ie our genitals, will clearly indicate which sex we are. In a very small minority of some, but not all, people with Differences in Sex Development conditions (or "intersex"), the sex of a newborn is not obvious.

The term "sex assigned at birth" is only correctly applied in these circumstances where it is not possible to observe and record the sex with certainty. For the rest of us, our sex is not assigned. It is observed and recorded.

Q. Aren't you funded by the religious far-right and/or conservatives?

A. We are non-partisan/non-party political. We engage with people and organizations with diverse political views.

However, we will not forge links with, or accept funding from, any organization that does not share our values or whose aims we consider to be fundamentally hostile to the rights of lesbians, gay men and bisexuals, or that seeks to undermine women’s reproductive rights.

We are funded by individual donations. One group, LGB Alliance UK, has now even become a registered charity in the UK.

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