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Celebrating One Year since the Reddit Vendor Ban! As you can see, this Vendor List is alive and well, maintained and updated on Saidit. Congratulations, you've found it. Pass the word, Cross post, Tell your friends! There is NO other unbiased, transparent, comprehensive Vendor List anywhere on the Internet. We have counted OVER 300 online vendors who are, or were, taking orders for kratom. Not counting dozens who operate on Facebook with no website. Yes there is a HUGE booming demand for kratom!

PPG! Price Per Gram. We hear daily reports of consumers being ripped off, by scammers taking advantage of this demand. Kratom IS the #1 Money Making product sold on the Internet. Don't fall for slick websites, advertising a questionable product, for super high prices. The highest quality kratom may be found right HERE!

New For March: Code MEMS = Membership Sites. Must apply to vendor for Membership. As protection against payment scams, trolls & fake buyers. These vendors promote a quality Premium Leaf, however we believe that ALL vendors do get strong batches of kratom - Judge by the batch, not the vendor! ALSO - No more Blend Codes! We only promote Kratom vendors, not drug manufacturers / those who make products with funny names like Purple Unicorn. Vendors on this List sell real Indonesian kratom "strains" which are already blended. There is no need to change or hide the product name!

Welcome to Soulistic Herbs, the latest vendor with a Group or following on MeWe. You'll find Soulistic leaf and prices to be among the best. Carolina Kratom has a Retail store, and was finally added in response to many positive reviews. Centennial Harvest is back on the List, they were popular on Reddit last year. Sacred Son Tea is just getting re-stocked and was formerly known as Johnson's Botanicals. Goodbye to Precious Mitre, sad to report they are not re-stocking kratom. Golden Rule has raised their prices over the limit.

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hey you didn't mentioned