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Welcome to "Peak Season" for kratom! Summer is dry harvest time in West Kalimantan, Indonesia. Allowing one month for processing and shipping, vendors should re-stock this time of year, to import the best quality leaf... Buyers should stock up right now! Last year's buying panic of November 15 wiped out the good Summer leaf. Supply and Demand. With booming demand, Indo suppliers scrambled to supply US vendors last December. The result? Many US vendors had sub-par kratom at the start of 2018.

Fresh Stock is happening everywhere now. We attempt to verify, that ALL vendors on this List have current fresh kratom available. Any Vendor who has problems with stock now, is no longer in the game. Payment processing is another issue that has affected most vendors. We have removed several this month, who appear to be closing shop or struggling to stay open.

CODE Deals many vendors offer CODE sales on their website. Standard marketing for online sellers. Many good vendors prefer to offer CODE discounts, every month, while listed prices seem a bit higher. We show CODE under the Notes column for these. Buyers should sign-up for each vendors Email newsletter on their website. Get in on specials. Be a smart shopper!

New Vendors are good to find - New vendors try harder to earn your business. This month we welcome Seattle Organic Supplements, Seven Breezes Botanicals, and Smiley Time Herbals to the list. Seattle has positive reviews since opening their website in June. Seven Breezes and Smiley Time are the two leaders on social media platform. Both of these guys are delivering top quality leaf, and outstanding Customer Service on MeWe.

Backpack vendors are everywhere, it seems... But are they "real" vendors? No! because there is no investment in a business website. Backpack'ers come and go.. Here today gone tomorrow. However, you CAN find good kratom, buying from an individual Stash Seller. There are many good sources on MeWe and Facebook. Times are changing. Backpack sellers can import small batch goodness, and find some great deals. Maybe they are the wave of the future?

LINK: Weather Information for Pontianak, Kalimantan, Indonesia Heavy rains start in mid October.

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