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June 10 Update: The Kratom business has seen many changes over the past 3 months. Gone are Reddit reviews. Many USA vendors have lost their ability to process Credit Card payments online. We have added "Email" under the Notes column, for those who should be contacted by Email to place an order. Most will send you their Invoice with payment options.

That's a major change to the entire Online Vendor business. Almost half of all sellers now, DO NOT have direct CC orders available! So accordingly we have opened the List to "Private Membership" Email vendors. Visit website to get Email contact info. Others may still order direct through their website.

We have removed several vendors from this List, due to various circumstances. Some have closed, either temporary or permanent. Vendors who appear very LOW on stock, will not be listed.. Also there have been Quality Reports, FDA Recalls, and lawsuits. Those who seem to have a quality issue, or legal problem, will not be listed! According to the AKA, millions of Americans are using kratom with no problem whatsoever.

We'd like to welcome new vendors to this List. Why were they not listed before? When we first developed this list on Reddit a year ago, it seemed that several vendors were just over the line on prices. Also many had no history of legitimate reviews on Reddit, only videos on Youtube. We did not include some Youtube vendors, because advertisements are not valid customer reviews.

In regard to prices, we are not seeing rates change much, in response to the FDA media scare. Competition is as strong as ever! At the Quarter Kilo level, top quality Plain Leaf kratom powder, sells from .12 to .20 per gram shipped. Why pay more? Do the Math and don't get ripped. Of course, Ounces are more expensive and Kilos are less. Support vendors who have invested in their business, websites, and Quality Control.