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What is KotakuInAction about?

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Nothing and everything. It's a forum to discuss gaming and the SJWs present day (since it used to be right wingers that waged war against us) war on gamers and gaming. Tons of shit posting. Lots of Japanese culture. Lots of clowning SJWs and man-hating feminists (redundant?).

Like any non-left-wing sub, it is in the cross hairs of the new Chinese overlords. Part of the reason I ditched Reddit and came here.

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Thanks for explaining it. I don't do games. I do remember the fake news "Gamergate" hyped up distraction drama a few years ago.

new Chinese overlords

Care to expand on that?

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i think that was a joke cuz china owns like 10% of reddit now, so they're not overlords persay but anything anti china gets censored there now. but a lot of things get censored on reddit

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Ah. I've had the fortune of avoiding Reddit.

Didn't know about the anti-China censorship. That's funny. Next thing they's be censoring anti-Cementism on Reddit.