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They were your best advertisers, readily throwing people into the KiA2 pit like many had been thrown into the KiA pit. Life is hilarious sometimes. I noticed that pink is no longer a mod and is constantly bitching in threads about the lack of moderation. For all the shitstorms centered around her, she ended up being ousted rather quietly unless I missed that gem of a thread.

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And moderation is no better as a result.

The problem isn't personalities. People just disliked her because she sperged out at everything. Same for Shadi, who is actually not a bad mod. He's just... well, he once asserted that he is more obnoxious than I am, but I think he's since have to concede.

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Nah they're both shit and a major reason why I stopped posting all together. I've seen shad personally handing down bans for utter bullshit over the years. Fuck em both, but not as much as Bane. Petty tyrants ruling their petty little electronic kingdom spitting all over the spirit of the sub.