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It seems that the BBC has misunderstood the objection to a tax on the general populace being used to fund vanity projects from a small London clique and are instead proposing ... a mandatory levy upon household services such as broadband or electricity.

Perhaps they have realised how devastating competition would be for them.

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Parking tickets are generally not necessary either.

It's to train you to accept authority here, there, and everywhere in all things, with a death of your will by a thousand cuts and full spectrum dominance.

If people don't revolt now, they never will.

Your prison walls are now made of sheeple who will squeal on you.

You are not free. You never were.

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I think they fully understand what they are doing.

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A levy on broadband connections? I wonder what the legality is of clubbing together with the neighbours on a single broadband connection and a powerful router.

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I believe it's possible but it's not on the standard contract - you'd need to specifically inform your ISP or be in danger of them pulling the plug on you the moment they found out about it.