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This is huge.

NYT is going down.

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It does seem huge. Yet their legacy and their systemic propaganda and brainwashing are also huge. If anything I think it may just be part of the huge distract/division thing raising the stakes. There's no legit corporate media yet they're going strong despite so much counter-narrative that's obvious to us and normie non-sheeple.

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I suspect even the court system is tired of MSM lies.

The NYT all but admitted to lying and libel/slander.
Really, they essentially admitted to lying in their defense.

We'll see if they can prove malice. I think they have a good chance.

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Perhaps some individuals but systemically the courts have always been part of the problem too. Free Ross.

I wouldn't be surprised if the NYT gets a light slap on the wrist. Million$ maybe. Meanwhile they'll get Billion$ in bailouts.

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Good point. It's possible.

The judges pre trial response was favorable.

Most cases are dismissed.

I have as feeling that things won't go well for the NYT in this instance.
We'll see.

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I think you're correct.

This may be an excuse to fold up NYT, or it may be blip or a hurdle.

The "bad press" publicity works on many levels too.

People may find hope in this and the resistance and be more courageous and thus out themselves and be more easily picked off.

And/or people may find hope in the establishment system, thus forgetting yet again that it's all rigged.

And/or it may simply be useful to foment more discord among the masses. I expect this summer to be worse than the last.

And/or it may push more people into the open arms of YouTube, Facebook, Reddit, Twitch, Twitter, etc.