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Actual title: U.S. journalism really has become more subjective and personal — at least some of it

A deep linguistic analysis finds that newspapers today are a lot like newspapers 30 years ago. But TV news — especially cable news — has ramped up the emotion, the conversationality, and the arguing."

It is a linguistic analysis, and has no direct relation with facts. It only has a relationship in how it is presented.

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It is necessary to educate the people to recognise and acknowledge the differences between each medium as they hold different values.

no direct relation with facts

"The Medium is the Message" -Marshall McLuhan.

In communication, how you say something is as important as what you say. It is essential to be kept in mind in journalism field. The way of saying something will influence the receivers' perspective and understanding towards what is being said. It is news, not a campfire ghost story.

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Newspapers conduct proper query and are the most reliable source of unbiased information. TV news relies on emotions and mixes opinions amid facts, making it the least reliable source of unbiased information. Online journalism uses directive language and prioritizes timeliness which reduces its time-frame to improve the quality of the delivery of news.