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Hey where did that thread about the juice as demons go?

It was really interesting!

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Since I posted that, /u/jesus has convinced me that the Jesuits are just a diversion from the Zionists and so far I'm believing him. Yes, I think Jesuits are in on selling out Western Civilization to the thing they call Lucifer but the Zionists are the much bigger threat right now anyway, I think. I try to be openminded but sometimes my brains just fall out.

Alan Lamont appears to be a Jewish shill but I think there are shills on both sides—and now they're right here on . No, I'm not saying you are a shill but my BS detector, developed over years on reddit, is ringing loud for some of these saidit comments.

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He also pushed Flat Earth, just like Phelps does. YouTube, Jewish owned, also pushes flat earth to confuse gullible people with PSYOPS.

What they do is find anyone who is Jesuit trained, which means nothing, because a lot of the times they simply went to a Jesuit owned school. I could go to Holy Cross if I wanted to. And a lot of the times, these Jesuits are also Zionist Jews.

They then completely ignore the obvious infiltration of Zionism in media, the executive branch, the relationship between IRAQ, Iran and 9/11. It's teh Jesuits they say, all the time.

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Oh it wasn't here, but on Voat.

Here have a read, it's pretty out there but... Whatever: