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Hey where did that thread about the juice as demons go?

It was really interesting!

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Since I posted that, /u/jesus has convinced me that the Jesuits are just a diversion from the Zionists and so far I'm believing him. Yes, I think Jesuits are in on selling out Western Civilization to the thing they call Lucifer but the Zionists are the much bigger threat right now anyway, I think. I try to be openminded but sometimes my brains just fall out.

Alan Lamont appears to be a Jewish shill but I think there are shills on both sides—and now they're right here on . No, I'm not saying you are a shill but my BS detector, developed over years on reddit, is ringing loud for some of these saidit comments.

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I'm still going to write a post soon and compile information concerning the jesuits and their relation and conflicts with Freemasonry and other secret societies. What is clear is that Zionists and Freemasons today, LIE about the old Jesuits. Edmond Paris, who wrote an expose concerning the Jesuits, well his foundation is located in the Grand Orient Freemason building in France, the revolutionary lodge. The ones who founded the Jacobites and were part of the most bloodiest revolution in history. Chick, Lamont, and Phelps all push Freemasonry (only when it is of the Zionist branch) and Zionism in general. Phelps, who says Jesuits control the world was an Israeli diamond dealer too.

I read Edmonds book, and he sources very. very little. For example, a story is goign aroudn how a Jesuit wrote menin Kampf for Hitler and Hitler had zero say in teh wroting of the book. WEll that is an absolute lie. On page 159, he sources everything on that page, except this. SO, I had to research this claim and found that the Jesuit was never really a true Jesuit and was not religious in the least bit, even helped edit Nazi propaganda depicting the Jesuits in a horrible light. Sayign that they work for the Jews. All the evidence point to this man, editing mein kampf, like he has done with other works. He didn't write the entire book, and no evidence exists for such a case.

Freemasons want you to think the Jesuits controlled the Nazis. Rather, it seemed to be the far-right traditionalist Catholics, not all, but many who supported the Nazis. Though, many Catholics were persecuted, as were Jesuits and Freemasons.

The modern, 21st jesuits support LGBTQ+ issues, and are the exact opposite of traditionalists. I found one Jesuit pushing gay pride on children via his Instagram. No traditionalist Catholic and espeically no real christian would do such a thing. And the Anti-semitic Jesuits that upheld a blood law in the 17th century would not have done this either. So, who are the Jesuits of the 21st century? What are they all about? Obviously, we can not lump all Jesuits in with the ulterior motives of the elite infiltrated Jesuits, because even I could become a Jesuit if I so chose to.

The Jesuits disbanded the blood rule laws after WW2, when Nazi Germany fell, allowing Jews to become Jesuits.

Yes, Zionists want you to think it is the Jesuits who control everything, just like they want you to think it is the frankists. They all have a history, of course, but the number one problem today is Zionism, National Bolshevism, (chaos Magic, demoralization, Ideological subversion), neoconservatism, neoliberalism, globalism, faux-nationalism/populism, and multilateralism, which is the neomarxist agenda.

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Here's a recent article from The Atlantic:

“The clock is ticking down on one of the world’s most unusual immigration proposals—Spain’s offer of citizenship to Jews whose families it expelled more than 500 years ago.

In 1492, the year Christopher Columbus set sail, Spain’s Edict of Expulsion gave Jews a stark choice: Convert, depart, or die. At the time, Spain’s Jewish community was one of the largest in the world, though their numbers had diminished due to a series of massacres and mass conversions 100 years earlier. Jews had lived on the Iberian Peninsula for more than 1,700 years, producing philosophers, poets, diplomats, physicians, scholars, translators, and merchants.”

Historians still debate the number of Jews expelled; some estimate 40,000, others 100,000 or more. Those who fled sought exile in places that would have them—Italy, North Africa, the Netherlands, and eventually the Ottoman empire. Many continued to speak Ladino, a variant of 15th-century Spanish, and treasure elements of Spanish culture. Tens of thousands stayed, but converted, and remained vulnerable to the perils of the Inquisition. How many Jews were killed remains unclear, but a widely accepted estimate is 2,000 people during the first two decades of the Inquisition, with thousands more tortured and killed throughout its full course. In 2015, the Spanish Parliament sought to make amends. Without a dissenting vote, it enacted a law inviting the Sephardim—Jews who trace their roots to Spain—to return. (Sepharad is the Hebrew word for the Iberian Peninsula) The law declared that after “centuries of estrangement,” Spain now welcomed “Sephardic communities to reencounter their origins, opening forever the doors of their homeland of old.”

Spain’s offer of citizenship to Sephardic Jews is a powerful gesture of atonement. The country today has one of the smallest Jewish populations in Europe: about 15,000 to 45,000 in a country of more than 46 million people. Yet, like so much of Spain’s complicated history with the Sephardim, the citizenship offer raises a host of questions. How many Sephardim would apply? What would be their reasons? And, if the law’s intent is to open “forever the doors of their homeland,” why does it have an expiration date? The offer ends this October.

When the Second World War broke out, Spain declared neutrality, but supported the Nazis in the early stages. In his Christmas message of 1939, Franco made a thinly veiled reference to the Jews as a “race” that was a “disturbance” and a “danger,” noting that “we, by the grace of God and clear vision of the Catholic Kings, have for centuries been free of this heavy burden.” Spain, however, did not deport Jews—indeed, thousands of Jews fleeing the Nazis crossed safely through Spain en route to other countries. In the post-War period, Franco attempted to rehabilitate his reputation and whitewash the anti-Semitism that was rife among his party and supporters.

Anti-Semitic beliefs in Spain have been especially widespread among the educated. A reportproduced by Spain’s Observatory of Anti-Semitism found that 58 percent of the Spanish public believes that “the Jewish people are powerful because they control the economy and the mass media.” Among university students, this number reaches 62 percent, and among respondents who are “interested in politics,” 70 percent hold this view. Some Spanish anti-Semitism reflects a tendency to conflate Jews with Israelis and to view both through the lens of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Spain did not recognize the state of Israel until 1986, when it did so as a condition of entering the European Union.


He added in an email, “There are still anti-Semitic expressions in the Spanish language which, unfortunately, are used quite frequently in the media, among the political classes, and of course, in the street—perro judío[Jewish dog], judiada [a dirty trick, cruel act, or extortion], and judío [associated with usurers].”

In the city of León, they drink a lemonade mixed with red wine called matar judíos (“kill Jews”) during Holy Week. Instead of “cheers” or “bottoms up,” the local drinking cheer is “We are going to kill the Jews.” For hundreds of years, a village in northern Spain was named Castrillo Matajudios (“Castrillo Kill the Jews”). The residents finally voted to change the name—in 2014.


KIKU ADATTO teaches at Harvard University and writes about art, popular culture, and civic life. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, The New Republic, Time magazine and other national publications.

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He also pushed Flat Earth, just like Phelps does. YouTube, Jewish owned, also pushes flat earth to confuse gullible people with PSYOPS.

What they do is find anyone who is Jesuit trained, which means nothing, because a lot of the times they simply went to a Jesuit owned school. I could go to Holy Cross if I wanted to. And a lot of the times, these Jesuits are also Zionist Jews.

They then completely ignore the obvious infiltration of Zionism in media, the executive branch, the relationship between IRAQ, Iran and 9/11. It's teh Jesuits they say, all the time.

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Oh it wasn't here, but on Voat.

Here have a read, it's pretty out there but... Whatever:

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Was that a reply to me or to the OP?

There was a post on here about some (((dude))) replying to a polish(?) dude with anti-(((them))) views that (((they))) would rather destroy the Earth than be forced to go back to living under the Earth or some crazy stuff like that. There were many comments, links and stuff... I miss it, I wasn't done reading everything... :-(

Most importantly, I wonder why it got deleted? And by whom?