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Good write up:

Talmudic Judaism is like Nazism, both of which are intolerable forms of racism. Modern Israel is an almost perfect implementation of Hitler's vision in Mein Kampf but with different races and locations. The general topic of the evils of Talmudic Judaism is well covered elsewhere, so there is no need for me to go into this subject. But I think it worth including two jewish sources on this subject.

Father Fahey wrote that Hitler's National Socialism, though such a term being first coined by Zionist Jews at the Basel Zionist congress (see Basel transcripts), was the naturalist equivalent though being the dialectical antithesis of the racial based type of Judaism, which seeped its way into secular Jewish and religious movements in Rabbinism and Judaic culture.

While one can certainly claim that certain economic policies in Nazi Germany were quite innovative and anti-Capitalist, with decent welfare programs, they were, nevertheless, racially based. Where Talmudic Judaism claims to rob and lie to a gentile, Nazis robbed the richest of Jews and executed speculators of all kinds, including ethnic Germans; eventually they turned on all Jews and worked with Zionists uo until a point to kick as many Jews out of Germany.

Why does the alt-right feature many racially inclined Jews, why was it founded be a Jew. Whatever the case may br, there are Humanist Jews like Edward Said and Israel Shahak, and the racist Jews who despise gentiles.