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The Temple Mount in Jerusalem is currently under custodianship of the Kingdom of Jordan, whose King Abdullah II was trained at Jesuit Georgetown University School of Foreign Service.

More leads on Israel wanting to give Tomb of David to the Vatican for many years from freely viewable portion of the bibliography of Contested Holy Places in Israel–Palestine: Sharing and Conflict Resolution by By Israeli political scientist Yitzhak Reiter

Sources for Catholic claims to the land of Palestine:

Tertullianus, "Adversos Judeaos", Chapter III, Patrologia Latina 2, cols. 602-605;
Augustinus, "Civitas Dei", Book 18, Chapter 46, Patrologia Latina 4, cols. 608-60;
Uri Bialer, Cross on the Star of David, p.11 quoting L'Osservatore Romano from May 13th, 1948:

"Modern Zionism is not the true successor of Biblical Israel…therefore the Holy Land and the Holy Sites belong to Christianity, which is the true Israel."

Mossad chief during 9/11 was awarded CIA Director's Award from from Jesuit-trained George Tenet, whom the same award is now named after:

When he left the Mossad, Halevy received the prestigious CIA Director’s Award from then-director George Tenet for his assistance to the U.S. intelligence service—the exact details of which Halevy cannot disclose.

PLO/Fatah's Nazi training was CIA-sponsored

Professor Francisco Gil-White: The Nazis and the Palestinian Movement