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Dr. Marik is a veteran researcher and clinician. Searching his name on PubMed returns 362 hits. That he has to experience coming into work to find a suspension notice on his desk is an example of how dangerous it is to advocate for ivermectin. It's remarkable and tragic, that someone with as strong a reputation as Dr. Marik can be trashed like this.

I'm not in health care and don't know very much about the history of other drugs. The closest analogy I can think of is the Red Scare in the 1950s, when McCarthy was accusing the US State Department of being full of Communists, with zero evidence.

Do you now or have you ever supported the use of ivermectin to treat covid19?

I'm tempted to say "witchhunt" but that term has been tainted by a former President who used it inaccurately about a zillion times.

This is very sad. I hope Dr. Marik lands on his feet after this is all over (if it's ever all over).

The linked article is a PDF which is a pain for me to read on my PC so here's the PDF's content.

Hospital Retaliates by Suspending Top Critical Care ICU Dr. for Lawsuit

He Filed to use Safe and Effective Treatments on COVID-19 Patients

A notice citing “possible material misrepresentation” by the hospital last week was filed today with the Circuit Court for the City of Norfolk, Virginia.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – While their top ICU doctor was arguing his case against Sentara Healthcare before a Virginia court on Thursday, November 18, the hospital crafted a plan to suspend him. Paul Marik, MD, one of the world’s leading critical care physicians and the Director of the ICU at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital, part of Sentara Healthcare, was in a Virginia courtroom fighting to treat critically ill COVID-19 patients while his employer was placing a letter notifying him of suspension of hospital privileges on his desk in his hospital office.

When Dr. Marik arrived at work on Saturday, November 20, two days after his court hearing, he found a letter that had been placed on his desk notifying him that he had been suspended from working in the hospital, effective immediately. The letter was dated November 18, the same day as the hearing where Dr. Marik made his case against Sentara for prohibiting the use of several effective treatments for COVID-19 patients. The letter also said that it was delivered to Dr. Marik by email and overnight mail, though neither happened, according to Dr. Marik.

The judge presiding over the case against Sentara was notified of the suspension of privileges today by Dr. Marik’s legal team since Sentara failed to do so last week even as they told the Court they would not retaliate against Dr. Marik for filing the lawsuit. In the letter informing the judge of the development, Dr. Marik’s legal team note the timing of the notification and what they call “possible material misrepresentation” committed by Sentara Health System by keeping Dr. Marik’s imminent suspension a secret from the court during the hearing.

“This is a desperate and clumsy attempt by Sentara to say that Dr. Marik does not have standing since he was suspended at the time of arguing his case in court,” said Fred Taylor, attorney for Dr. Marik. “Suspending Dr. Marik is a blatant act of retaliation against him for filing this suit and for exposing to the public Sentara’s unlawful, unjustified denial of safe, potentially life-saving treatments to COVID patients.”

In notifying the judge today, Dr. Marik’s legal team also called for a supplemental hearing to redress the new facts previously hidden from the court by Sentara.

More information will be posted on the FLCCC homepage, as it becomes available.

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Yes but why isn't your username BrandonSniffsEveryone?