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I saw this on 153 and thought there same thing.

Edit: I don't know much about the sabatean Franks, but I do know that traditional Judaism is far from what's being practiced by the Zionist elite.

Many in the Jewish community are concerned, and justifiably. The Jewish community in the US is overwhelming in opposition to Zionism.

They should be reminded that they can count on us for support.

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Also, I mentiomed the Sabbs, not being a political entity. Though, I must make it clear, a movement from the Sabbs was reaponsible for the genocide.

The Dönmeh's maneuverings were said to have been at the core of Young Turk Revolution and their overthrow of the Sultan Abdülhamid II, the dissolution of the Ottoman religious establishment, and the founding of a secular republic. Pro-Sultan, religious Muslim political opponents painted these events as a global Jewish and Freemason plot carried out by Turkey's secret Jews, the Dönmeh, with Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the chief revolutionary and former member of the Committee for Union and Progress (CUP), a leading Dönmeh himself. all the frontmen of the Young Turks in many of their prominent paintings display the masonic hidden hand gesture.

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Thanks. This is a very interesting subject. Do you know the sub created by useless_aether called: ? I didn't even know it existed until he told me yesterday. He's got some really interesting posts on there.