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Zionism is a movement that grew from Jewish Enlightenment. Thus, Zionists were secular Jews, often Marrots. Two heresies of Judaism, spinozism and Sabbateanism were well represented in Jewish Enlightenment.

Shabbatai Zvi, or Zevi, or Tzvi, was a false Jewish Messiah who was to take power in the year 1666 and at that time about one half of all Jews are claimed to have believed in him. The expectations were crashed when Shabbatai Zvi converted to Islam – in fact, he had no choice – and most of the followers deserted him.

Not much was heard of Sabbateans from the time of Shabbatean Zvi’s conversion up to the time of Jacob Frank in the next century. At the time of Jacob Frank the schism between Sabbateans and Talmudic Jewish caused Sabbateans to be expelled.

Sabbateans were a heretic sect of Judaism, which believes in incarnation, removal of the state, religion and family, do not Talmudic laws, study Kabbalah for awhile and black magic, and they were claimed to practice sexual orgies and incest.

It is common for Christians to think that the Jews carrying side-curls are orthodox, i.e., Talmudic, Jews. Actually, they are Hasidic Jews, which have many similar teachings as Sabbateans. Hasidic Jews also consider Kabbalah as the highest teaching, believe in incarnation, and have Rabbis who say the Tetragrammaton, the Baal Shems.

Still there is a major difference: Hasidism is an accepted form of Judaism, while Sabbateans are expelled heretics. Sabbateans converted outwardly to any religion, like Catholism or Islam. Many of them appear as secular Jews. Many are not Jews at all. They hope to be the twelve tribes of Israel, so naturally not all of them can be from the two tribes, Judas and Benjamin, represented in present day Jews.

A small number of followers kept on believing and there is still living a community of Dönmeh in Turkey – outwardly Muslim, but secretly Jewish.

Young Turks who committed genocide had close connections with Dönmeh. Jewish bankers had accumulated great wealth in the middle ages by usury and were very influential in the Netherlands in the beginning of the 17th century. Orthodox Jews dreamt of a return to Palestine but could not return before the Messiah arises. In 1648 Sabbatai Zvi started claiming being the Messiah, finally about half of all Jews believed in him. Around the same time Baruch Spinoza presented his atheistic philosophy. Supporters of both Spinoza and Sabbatai Zevi created the Jewish Enlightenment, called Haskalah. England allowed the return of Jews in 1655.

Jews funded Oliver Cromwell to power and managed to get a strong hold of English economy. Three interwoven processes were started: Shabbatean movement with strong occult connections, spinozian movement leading to communism, and traditional economic take-over of nations.

The benign, non-revolutionary lodges of Freemasonry became largely infiltrated and used for the goals of these movements. The goal of all of these movements is to create one world run by the Chosen, the Jews, as a realization of Biblical prophesies. There is no doubt in my mind that this is the goal. Every other NWO theory is just a decoy.

Freemason, and 1st prime minister Ben-gurion, stated that in the future, Jerusalem would be:

  • the seat of world power.

  • All states would serve the world power in Israel.

  • All wars would be abolished.

  • The U.S., would become a huge welfare state.

    • Netanyahu, the freemason has made this clear.
  • Russia would become a Federation to do homage with Israel.

    • Putin has his own Chabad Lubavitch Rabbi who is dorectly connected to Netanyahu and Trump.
  • This promotes a multilateral agenda.

  • A world court would be set up in Jerusalem, as prophesied by Isaiah that would settle all nation-state issues.

  • The nations would be truly united as the founders of the United Nations envisioned.

These are the predictions of Ben-gurion.

Israel had to be reborn by collecting all Jews to Palestine after a great time of persecution, according to prophesies.


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