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I can't believe Trump went there. If he accelerates Israel being a partisan issue he just might lose in 2020. Calling 80% of US Jews disloyal is not a winning strategy. At any rate, things are looking good for a wild presidential race where Israel might actually be legitimately discussed.

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This isn't a political matter for a lot of muslims (if not majority), it's engrained in their religion and culture. Sad, but true. I disagree with the president trolling like this, but aside from being petty he is pointing out the truth.

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Trump is not pointing out the truth though. Democratic Jews love Israel but they increasingly hate Bibi and the occupation. They are loyal to Israel but not the Israeli administration. Trump is conflating. It is fair to say they are disloyal to Bibi.

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Fair point. I think also part of it is how Dems have changed in recent years, and that's why there is some truth to it, imho. Even Obama was obviously pro-Israel but this seems to have changed with current Dem. trends (Kamala, AOC etc).

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Yep, it has changed big time. Yeah there is some truth to it. There's a cool chart somewhere showing that we went from 100% bipartisan support to the two parties being hugely split on the issue in the last 15 years or so. I hope these new school Dems can keep it up and make this a huge 2020 campaign issue.