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This one is also interesting:
Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Accused of Antisemitism Over Concentration Camp Remark - Morphonios
From 7:30 the orthodox Jews are talking about Israel.
Around 20:00 it shows how they are also oppressed in Isreal.
Also Palestinians (including jews) and black Jews are
met with extreme violence (not shown in the video).

This is why this is called apartheid.

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This is an interesting link.

Israel is an apartheid state, because the majority of the population (including the Palestinian diaspora) are 2nd class citizens with no legal rights.

This is also why Israel denies them their international right of return.

Israel is the the only country that claims to be the nation of a specific ethnic group.

It's interesting that the latest Jewish population outside is Israel fundamentally oppose Zionism on religious grounds.
These Jews deserve to have their voices heard, but they're shut out of the media.

I tip my hat to these principled people. Respect.