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    I visited Israel last month, literally called a dog and goyim, can't even go most areas even though I said I was a jew. I also visited North Korea, they are a bit better at fooling people. I suspect NK is a fake state though and the Jews are just actually hateful retards bc most of them are actually inbred retards.

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    North Korea and Isreal is basically pedophile nation also, they sell kids that you can eat, like you pick them as a lobster in the restricted Jewish areas.

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    You need to provide supporting links with evidence and elevate your comments or step up your game if you're trying to be funny as this kinda crap won't fly on SaidIt.

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    Its nice to see people waking up to this. My family, for several reasons, can't leave Jordan and it's pretty much a neverending feat that Israel is going to try to conquer the region in the very near future. Why else would the U.S. be arming Israel to the teeth? Unlimited U.S. arms and money isn't all for "security."

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    Hitler was a psyop. MKultra initiative.