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There's an aspect of Saidit (and similar sites) that is not discussed much; for me, it boils down to "Be a good audience", by which I mean that posters with quality things to say deserve a good response. Whether you agree or not, part of the deal here is to have something to say (when it seems right to you) - dialogue is the point.

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I really don't like the nastiness that Voat users occasional throw out at other users, when they disagree. Name calling is not needed to make a point, unless one is unskilled at the use of prose. They're like spoiled rich kids with no parents teaching social skills.

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You complain about voat name calling and then immediately call them names. Civility can be difficult to maintain sometimes. I get called a lot of names on voat, I take it mostly as a test to weed out the easily offended.

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Saying some is "like a spoiled rich kid" is not the same as calling them a "fucking asshole". One alludes to actions that are subject to change. The other stabs at the person.

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    I wish I could have afforded to go to a rick kids school.

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    Since they are both disparaging as to their connotation of expected bad behavior, I would claim them to be synonymous.