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Welcome to Saidit!

A question, favourite music genre?

Have fun by contributing some good contents and encouraging healthy discussion here.

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God, it really is impossible to answer a question like that. My favorite music is music that makes me think. I like complexity, layering, good lyricism. King Gizzard, Father John Misty, The Doors, a billion other artists. I'm all over the map.

Asking a composer their favorite genre of music is like asking a professional chef what their favorite style of food is. They might have one but it's definitely not an easy answer.

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G'day! You'd be happy to know we set up WPD 2.0 here then!

Composer eh? What kind of works do you enjoy knocking up?

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Yes I am, and I've already posted to there!

I mainly write contemporary classical though I play many styles of music. I've done a bit of jazz writing, too, and I play plenty of it.

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