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Shut up faggot.

There is your answer.

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Thank you for confirming. But I believe you have made a mistake. For in this story of mass horrors, you were the faggot all along.

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Surely a smart guy like you would know I wasn't really calling you a faggot.

Can I suck your dick?

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No. And yes. Let me draw you a picture of one and I'll sign it and then you can inhale it.

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I think you'll fit right in here you conservative nazi blue-haired shitlib commie Trump supporting anti-semite.


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How dare you assume my ability to fit in places.

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I wasn't assuming, I made an informed decision based on your thread comments. Maybe you won't, who knows anymore? Welcome anyway Hitler.

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Do you have schizophrenia? If yes then you'll fit right in. If no, are you a libertarian goober with a low IQ? You'll also mostly fit in, the schizophrenia is pretty much a prerequisite though

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N̸o̴n̴e̵ ̷o̷f̸ ̴t̷h̴e̴ ̶v̷o̶i̴c̵e̴s̷ ̴r̸e̶a̴c̷h̴ ̵t̵h̶i̷s̴ ̶c̶o̸n̶s̵e̴n̷s̴u̶s̴.̵.̴̡͑

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schizo text I'm in your walls

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I think you need a doctor or 8.

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Give it some time

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Only people with open minds, those who are not firm in their understanding of things, fear the passage of time spent with retards. Something something talking crows.

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You're in good company then👍

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Do you have anything to offer?

Frankly, this isn't the refuge for every dumbass who can't figure out how to circumvent an IP ban. Those are not quality people.

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Circumventing an IP ban is too much work to participate in Reddit. If they are going to ban me like that, I don’t want to be apart of their web site. It’s dirty.

I would only change IPs to do illegal shit.

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I am a man of many skills and experiences. From fine dick jokes, to allergy immunology, to accurate and logical reasons why people need to pushed down a stair case to improve humanity.

No, I don't do dick jokes on request.

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Welcome to Saidit, then. Just be mindful we got some pretty high expectations of your dick jokes now.

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High expectations is all my penis is capable of......



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Was that one of the jokes?

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No. It was a fact.

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This place sucks. They have this stupid ass, Triangle of Cunt-y-ness. And basically it means that if they don’t like you, they will ban you.

Right now, like if they banned me, 1/20th of the user base would be gone. So they don’t currently ban people.

But if the place picks up, then it’s the new Reddit.

There a lot of underground sites, not main stream forums like this one. But man, when you go too far underground, people start getting weird. And it makes me feel uneasy in places like that.

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I started to get this feel as I went through the post and comments last night.

It seems like an uneasy bridge between my preferred levels. I guess I'll just keep going until I get banned and then I will never come back.

I'm an old voat veteran, those were good balanced days to me. However too many unrestrained retards spoil the broth.

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Yea. I’m from ruqqus. The issue with voat is that it never took off.

The last person to get banned was u/socks . She him would go on rants about torturing tucker Charelsons balls.

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Is there a problem with people talking about that? I mean, I have problems with it, but some people just have issues expressing their love or hate.

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They say “no violence”.

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What is violence? Name calling is violence but that is allowed. Punching a man is violence but you can not do that on the internet. Talking about how good a violent scene was in a movie and how we should see more of that kind of violence?

Honestly, that will be what gets me banned if that's their issue. I'm not holding myself back just because of some limp wrists.

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Violence. Saying “hey said it chat. I wish one of you would go kidnap tucker Carlson, and torture him, and cut off his balls, and then hang him in the street”.

That would be calls for violence.

Dude that shit would put you on a list.

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I already disagree with the government here, Im on every list.

So, saying I would kill anyone who touches my children inappropriately, would be a call to violence? How about saying we should cut off the balls and hang in the street any one who has touched a child inappropriately? How about if we name them? And what if those people are powerful world "leaders"

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No, those are not direct calls to violence.

First, calm down man. How old are you. Relax. I’m guessing your in a nice, comfortable, safe place. Let’s be thankful for that. This is not mean as an insult. More like a whoosa.

I don’t think those examples would be calls to violence.

You need like a target, and specifics.

I know Reddit does ban any one on the right who says anything about capital punishment.

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Calm down? I am so enraged right now! Im so angry I can't stop placing parrots in my daughters house in minecraft to confuse her. That is how angry I am. Maybe I'm angry at you. Maybe... you need your testicles fondled aggressively while you're on a rope swing. MAYBE, just MAYBE, you were the one that was angry all along.

Im not really up for capital punishment. All people deserve a chance at redemption. But Ill brake a man in half on the spot for a number of reasons.

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Rules are applied completely arbitrarily depending on whether what you said upsets magnora7 or not. The good news is that bans are completely toothless, and you can just create a new account. There isnt any browser fingerprinting or IP bans except temporary ones automatically triggered by cloudflare by logging in out too quickly.

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Yeah, I read about the low tier banning. I made up my mind that if it happens once I'll just not register again. Convenience sake.

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If you are a jewhater you will find it a bit less welcoming than those two blatantly antisemitic sites.

There are also a smaller percentage of conspiracy whackos on the front page here

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Depends what you mean by jew. If you mean people who trace their bloodline to a certain group of people, I do not care. If you mean people who follow the horrible evil teachings of the talmud, then yes, I am against that. If you mean a group of people who control most of the government, social influence and media, who also happen to be from a certain country, then yes, I am against that.

I dont mind a conspiracy wacko, as long as they have at least half a brain.

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    Have you tried sucking dicks?