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ṫḩǡȶś ọҝ.

ῑ ạɱ ţȓŷįᾑɡ ῥȧṧṡȉὴǧ ṁȳ ḉõɱɱêրԷṡ ťẖŗȕ аῂ ộἧḷḭրḗ óḃẛùṣćáʈơř.

ἱ ẇậṉṫ ťồ śêḛ ῒϝ ťĥȇ ƅồŧș ⅽǎṋ ȓḛаɗ ıṫ όř ηọȶ.

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Edit: apparently he meant if people can read the text, not just bots, in which case: the answer is yes.

Definitely not. There are only two ways a robot can read so'm:

  1. It takes the text directly from the website

  2. It takes a screenshot and passes it through an AI

The problems with these are that:

  1. The bot would have to know to convert all the special characters to normal, ASCII characters

  2. AIs ain't very good at discerning obfuscated text, which is why captchas are a thing

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there are actually online interfaces(api's) that allow bots to automatically send a query to a slave labor company that will solve captchas for your bot for pennies.

just fyi.

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Starting from 0.5 USD for 1000 solved CAPTCHAs

Those are some cheap pajeets.

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That ain't a bot reading it, that's a real person. If you're asking if you can pay people to read obfuscated text: yes.

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i am fully convinced that ameliamay is a bot. /s