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Nothing personnal, but I dislike that picture. It smells of narcissism and Dunning Kruger effect.

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Isn't that pretty accurate though, given the subject?

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I suppose it is.

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It's the Monopoly man of the 2020s

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Monopoly man of the 2020s

That's a conjecture, or a declaration? The new man is a millennial? the old Monopoly Man

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Dunning Kruger effect

LoL. Thanx for the clue, Akali, we love educational clues like that. The image is inherited from r/wallstreetbets or GameStop, the inspiration for the new sub.

Interesting side note, I was reading the wkpd article and saw "...criminal case of McArthur Wheeler, who, on April 19, 1995..." (follow link to see what else happened that day).

Afterhought (I freak went lee have them) it was mentioned somewhere that the image we're discussing looks like a youthful Trump, what with blond flowing halo. So of the Dumbing Cougar effect, Trump would be among the high-achievers who underestimated his value, except that in his case, his achievements are so celestial as to be over the summit (Mt. Trumpshmore), so his self-estimate is off the charts, and will probably stay there for all time.

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I like your idea. i am sure that you are aware that there is already a /s/wallstreetbets sub, but who the heck is the sole moderator /u/Life ? and he is nowhere around...

i wish we had some active and genuine forex trading going on here.

best wishes.

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aware that there is already a /s/wallstreetbets sub

As a matter of fact, no. I searched for wallstbets and found nothing, forgot to check original spelling, but there is no overlap, so the similarity is just a familiarity, and a singularity. As for the u/Life user, apparently not active for the past year, and not much then. So /s/wallstreetbets is a ghost ship without a captain. s/WallStBest has a captain who is also the crew.

We won't have much to say about Forex, it's a huge market, but with cryptos coming and major reset in banking/currency world wide, we will probably make notes of side effects coming out of the currency exchange markets. Even tho currency is not a Wall St. item, I'm not going to be that picky about topic. You're welcome to contribute, we like smart readers. Crypto is a HUGE new trend. 'Preciate your comment, SubCrim.

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one more issue... notice that at /s/wallstreetbets that there is something like 15k registered users there, lol..

no, there isnt 15k registered users... thats a fake number..

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that's a fake number

Yes. Subscriber tally is fake news; CMV

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/u/magnora7 has made it a standing rule, i think, that he will not re-assign existing subs, but jeez... /u/life has not been here for a freaking year... it wouldnt hurt anything to just make you a moderator and then if /u/life wanted to bump you off he could..

it couldnt hurt to ask /u/magnora7 if he would add you as a moderator to /s/wallstreetbets

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No worries, not interested.

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okay. i just think that wow with a little effort that /s/wallstreetbets you could pretty much hijack users and you could be omg large in no time at all.

but, that is your choice.

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(I) could be omg large

How large is that? How does one measure large, karma? Gave that quest up a long time ago. Proof, see how long I stayed on reddit tallying zeros, and look how complex my work is there...

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very nice.