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And before that (for us common folk), bulletin board systems (BBSes). Some even survived through the Internet. Also AOL's walled garden was around somewhat before big tech.

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Your attitude and view of the internet are most certainly welcome on saidit! I'm glad you've found us.

I miss the old internet too.

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Participation in social media is an option for people. It's not mandatory! I have never participated in any of it and run a profitable business and had a host of friends all along. Sure if I had a business that necessitated social media for advertising purposes then I might have to employ someone to engage with it, but I certainly wouldn't have to do that myself. People crying about the changes to these platforms [changes that were inevitable] are like heroin addicts complaining about the purity of the fixes they have to buy. it's bullshit! Just leave and get a genuine life for yourself instead of a virtual one.

Here we are, on the old internet, right now today. What's wrong with this? Why do people crave for a big shitfest site like faceplant anyway?

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Ah yes the 1.0 Internet of the mid to late 90's. There was a gold rush of website jobs everyone I knew was getting paid more money than they ever made before for putting up simple HTML pages. Netscape was the browser and Altavista was the search engine. Kids working nearby at AOL were millionares over night and cashing out their stocks to buy ranches and travel abroad in their early 20's. Then one day this Search tool called "google" appeared in places like the and shortly after a huge recession shift for the worse.

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I liked the 2.0 internet.

Could pirate any software or digital entertainment with ease, internet culture truly felt underground, social media was in its infancy to the extent it existed, you could escape the internet because you weren't carrying it in your pocket everywhere you went, people didn't rely on it for all social interaction including dating.

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When you used to have to assemble all the numbered pieces of a file together with rar or something like that.

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When I was a little boy, a friend of a relative was using an oldschool bbs, and I only realized what it was like twenty something years later. My history with online interaction was on the gamefaqs forum, so I got used to censorship from the very beginning. However, I also learned how to circumvent it, and ultimately wind up in places with less of it, such as 4chan.

Even though I did wind up on myspace, my 'community' there overlapped with others such as somethingawful, and break. Yeah, it's kinda like who you grew up with. They either grew up, died, or moved on in some other way. Those times....I miss them a lot. Sure, there was some bad with the good, but mostly, it just was.

Edit: Welcome to saidit. :)

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