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Yeah, it was Voat. I can never tell the difference.

A few months back, Magnora asked me to help him remove spam (like the aforementioned Chinese vacuum pump ad). I don't deal with anything else. I'm less of an actual admin, and more of a janitor, really.

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I wanna nuke those stupid ads too.

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FYI: Covers some of the basics.

I haven't finished it nor updated it in a while. I lost enthusiasm.

cc /u/enefi

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Thank you for sharing, didn't know about this page. Started reading and wow, it's quite detailed, that must have took a lot of time to put together.

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I need to clean it up, finish it, shorten some things, and get rid of the graphs. And maybe update a few things. Not much changes much anymore (that I'm aware of) except the flavours of drama once in a while, most of which is not interesting history worth noting.

Instead of working on that, I'm going to do some other things and eventually migrate/mirror over to WikiSpooks.

Here's more old stuff:

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Oh, yeah, the infogalactic page is a great resource.