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Welcome! You don't seem to be the usual "got banned from Reddit for saying gas the jews" type, and with how in-depth your post is: I might quite like having you around. You seem like the kind of guy who actually contributes, instead of posting Chinese vacuum pump ads (true story). Your English is actually pretty good, so don't worry about that.

Magnora told me he began working on Saidit after leaving Reddit and Ruqqus Voat, so I'm sure he knows how you feel. He said he wanted a site that wasn't left-biased like Reddit, or right-biased like Ruqqus Voat, so it's kind of centrist (although most the users seem to be alt-right, though not all far-right, there's a difference).

I'm a Centrist as well, and even mod s/centrism, which I literally made the other day because I realized it didn't exist. I'm a Radical Centrist, and more specifically: a Syncretist. Not a "true" Centrist, because I have center-right social views, and center-left economic views, but a Centrist nevertheless. I'm a big fan of the Reform Party (USA), and even voted for Rocky back in November.

There are a lot of problems with the site's interface, like how Mexican Spanish has words in {curly brackets} all over the place (I've been using it for a few days to help get familiar with some of the words). A few things here and there also mention Reddit, since Saidit is based on the old source code. I ain't noticed the graphics, since they're small on my screen, but somebody (u/JasonCarswell ?) should make them into SVGs, so they can work at any size.

The mascot is u/AmericanMuskrat 's cat. That's just a joke... we ain't got one. We could use some sort of Pyramid, maybe with a mouth on it for the pun? IDK, that might stir up the conspiracy theorists and make them think the NWO took over.

My major problem with the site is that there's no non-political content. There are non-political subs, but they're mostly dead. If you want to revive them: make sure to post there. People mostly come here because they're banned from somewhere else, and want to talk politics, which really drowns out everything else.

I ain't seen a captcha in months. I'm sure it'll go away after a while. Also, make sure not to post too fast, or you'll get IP-blocked (usually error 1020). I remember seeing a few people post about that. If you are blocked: you could probably use TOR to ask for help.

Make sure to read the wiki and report any spam you see. Usually it's the CCP bot Musky talked about, links to websites in Arabic, or ads. Porn is also not allowed, since it's hard to moderate.

Have a good time!

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Magnora told me he began working on Saidit after leaving Reddit and Ruqqus

I thought that he began working on SaidIt way before Ruqqus was a thing though. Wasn't SaidIt started in 2017 while Ruqqus was started much later (not sure when, but the first post was made in 2019)?

He said he wanted a site that wasn't left-biased like Reddit, or right-biased like Ruqqus

I think that the right-biased site you're thinking about is Voat (RIP).

Hi, the name came from the fact of avoiding the two extremes of reddit and voat

- magnora7, on "antiextremes"

My major problem with the site is that there's no political content

I think you meant "non-political".

By the way, when did you become an admin?

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Yeah, it was Voat. I can never tell the difference.

A few months back, Magnora asked me to help him remove spam (like the aforementioned Chinese vacuum pump ad). I don't deal with anything else. I'm less of an actual admin, and more of a janitor, really.

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I wanna nuke those stupid ads too.

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FYI: Covers some of the basics.

I haven't finished it nor updated it in a while. I lost enthusiasm.

cc /u/enefi

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Thank you for sharing, didn't know about this page. Started reading and wow, it's quite detailed, that must have took a lot of time to put together.

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I need to clean it up, finish it, shorten some things, and get rid of the graphs. And maybe update a few things. Not much changes much anymore (that I'm aware of) except the flavours of drama once in a while, most of which is not interesting history worth noting.

Instead of working on that, I'm going to do some other things and eventually migrate/mirror over to WikiSpooks.

Here's more old stuff:

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Oh, yeah, the infogalactic page is a great resource.