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Lack of downvotes is super helpful, and it's my favorite change, since it reduces groupthink and encourages free expression. Debate isn't necessary, just say what you like without being a complete dick knob. Judging by your introduction, you won't have a problem. Welcome!

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Social tensions can be very helpful in producing a more cohesive environment. Typically, once people find out what all they disagree about and get past those things to find that they'll agree on a generous portion of discussion topics, things tend to simmer out dramatically.
A big problem these forum or discussion boards have is Feds or people working on behalf of IC, as corporate shills and foreign INT agencies.

Hell, the FBI hangs out on that guy Four Chin's website and tries to get people to talk about committing crimes pretty regularly.
The good news is that there are friendlies that gather in these places regularly as well.

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Look at the new guy here already telling site mods what to do. JK. Good catch and welcome.

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Hey welcome to saidit! Happy to have you here. You don't need to debate to fit in, not at all. It's just that when there are problems with moderation, those problems almost always arise in the form or disagreements and debates. So it's just a hierarchy to deal with "if there is a problem, how do we judge what is a bad serious problem we have to act on vs a mild problem that we can ignore" and the pyramid of debate is our metric we use to make those judgement calls.

Anyway, looks like someone else already fixed the typo in the wiki, thanks for pointing that out too. See you around saidit