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Came upon your post after refreshing the new submissions for the subsaidits I'm subscribed to (mostly only visit and participate in politics, news, memes and such), and was completely caught offguard by the thought of it--women actually wanting to conform to their historically normative gender roles, I mean. It's really refreshing to know that there are women out there like you! God bless you and your husband.

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Practically sounds like a fetish. With all the modern conveniences, automated dishwashers, vacuums, hell I can clean a house in an hour or half hour. This kind of thing, to me, is laziness. Modern homes, thanks to the splitting of the work force, are best with two incomes where possible. That means more wealth, more investments, more savings. More stability. I can't for the life of me understand why anyone would allow such laziness in a partner when there's fuck all work to be done at home these days.

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It's only fetishism if you're a brainwashed NPC. Fetishism is a perversion of the norm. Women being homemakers and caregivers is the norm in civilization.

Stripping women of their femininity is fetishism. Ripping them from their homes is fetishism. Shoving them into the workforce so they can be wage slaves is fetishism. Convincing them to slaughter their unborn babies is fetishism. Convincing them to fuck subhumans is fetishism. Turning them into inferior men is fetishism. Making them walk, talk, dress, and act like men is fetishism.

But I agree, there isn't much to be done in the home nowadays because the average city dweller lives in a tiny apartment.

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    I was. I was born and raised in the leftwing utopia of California - where every man is a coward and every woman is a whore. The best thing I ever did was leaving that hellhole.

    Comically, you don't see the irony of your comment.

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        So you do nothing outside of household chores and work?

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        Something that would excuse my not having a job? Fuck no. If you've children, that's one thing, up to a certain age. If not, there's literally no reason and no excuse. Even a part time job for savings - and especially investments - is important. That's your retirement. That's your children's education funds or, unlike most incompetent inept parents, ideally their OWN investment funds for when they come of age. Planning for the future, planning for the worst, things that require money. Not some "house wife" sitting around pretending she's done something important.

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        Everything you just said is not your business. Everybody has the right to make bad financial decisions. I was talking about laziness: do you really think someone who doesn't work and doesn't do any household chores has nothing to do?

        I want to know for a friend who is 34 and sold his business when he was 30. He and his wife don't need to work anymore, and I want to know if they're automatically lazy.

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        That isn't even remotely related to my point. Obviously, if he already made his money and doesn't need to, no that isn't laziness. However, where utility of significant margin is added in MOST households by a second person having a job, yes that absolutely would be. Obviously people "can" do it, that's entirely irrelevant. My point was it is inept and irresponsible. Of course people can do that. Doesn't mean they shouldn't be criticized for it.

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        You must not have kids.

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        "I don't have an argument so let me divert from the argument instead and break the website rules about the pyramid of debate"

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        Hardly a distraction from the debate. More a counter to your position. A house wife is an amazing thing to have when you have kids. She let's the husband focus on work while she handles the home and kids. This division of labor allows the family unit to achieve more and allows a better environment for the kids with greater parental involvement in their rearing than is managed through using babysitters.

        My comment was a flippant dismissal of your entire case - a case that ignores workloads and stresses associated with raising a family.

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        I don't know why I have to have the same argument six times in a row. As I said in every single other reply that is just a duplicate of yours, because apparently you all think you're special snowflakes, parents are only necessary in the home for young children. By the time they're off to school, they are not.

        Your flippant dismissal is exactly that diverting from this debate. Because you, like all the other special snowflakes replying, are making mountains from mole hills about it. Pretending as though children take far more work than they actually do. I've not only watched other people's children but done my own siblings and my own. In every single case, it was never the children that were the problem. It's the parents. Making life hard for both the children and for themselves. Children are no real work at all, it's bad parenting that makes it hard.

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        First time I've ever heard someone claim reddit was becoming too feminist.

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        I’m thinking they might mean “liberal feminist”.

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        So basically you want to be in the child role until you die. Weird fetish, but okay.

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        Mothers are necessary to raise children. To call someone a child for stating they want to be what every woman was till the brainwashing kicked in is childish.

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        What makes a child a child? Being dependent. What is OP? Dependent.

        What is being childish? Not being independent. What is OP? Not independent.

        To add to that: OP is also cowardly due to her fear of facing life without an authority figure to lead her around like a dog.

        So yes, mothers are needed to raise children. But those poor children! Imagine what they learn from their childish, cowardly mother.

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        children are only dependent because they haven't develpped yet. women are dependent on men to bring in the money but men are dependent on women to raise the children.

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        Back when men had honorable wages and actual benefits.

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        Now we are all screwed... congrats Soros you won. Now twice the slaves and you pay less.

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        What makes a child a child? Being dependent. What is OP? Dependent.

        What is being childish? Not being independent. What is OP? Not independent.

        To add to that: OP is also cowardly due to her fear of facing life without an authority figure to lead her around like a dog.

        So yes, mothers are needed to raise children. But those poor children! Imagine what they learn from their childish, cowardly mother.

        Your opinion is ridiculous. Nobody is an island. Everyone is dependent on someone. Even CEOs of mega companies depend on their workers to keep their business going. Unless you're living in the woods, you're going to need other people. That's just a fact. She's just doing it in a way that for some reason makes you uncomfortable. If she's happy, and doing a good job as a mother, so what? It almost seems like you're jealous. Why the bitterness? Raising kids is important. It's a full time job, not something you half-ass. I mean, what would be better? What she's doing, or her going to work, and hiring a babysitter to raise her kids?

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        I mean, what would be better? What she's doing, or her going to work, and hiring a babysitter to raise her kids?

        It depends on whether you want your kids to be brought up well or whether you want them to grow up to be just like you. 🤣

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        Looks like jealousy to me. Barren?

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        tfw you have to pretend working mothers aren't real to justify your pathetically flimsy ideology

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        Oh look, another terf, and another with a seething issue with motherhood in general. Seeing a pattern here.

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        left reddit because it was filled with people like you, come to this site and it's filled with people like you

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        I'm sorry your echo chamber is in another castle? Go back to Voat then.

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        Well, you see, it's because this is the normal, healthy way to think lmao

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        We're all dependent on some entity in one way or another. Women are either dependent on corporations/free gov cheese or their husband who has good intentions and can guide them in the right way.

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        This is true in most of the West but you have to remember that many collectivist societies exist where no adult is independent.

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        Acting like a fully realized human being and not a single purpose child is brainwashing?

        Imagine being such an inefficient retard you can't manage to raise children while holding a job

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        Imagine being such an inefficient retard you can't manage to raise children while holding a job

        "Raising" a child doesn't include throwing them in a daycare.

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        I guess it's completely dismissed how long it takes to create a nutritious meal several times a day, clean up after all of it each time, keep laundry washed for several people along with bedding and bath linens, tend to errands, tend to pets, tend to gardening, tend to schoolwork for one or more child and tutor as necessary, tend to vacuuming sometimes multiple times a day, keeping surfaces nasty-shit-free after everyone eats/makes art, keep up with hemming your husband and children's fucked up clothing and any sewing projects you have, bathing children, getting children ready for bed.

        Yep. Stay at home mothers don't do shit.

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        Oh fucking please. I do that for myself and it barely takes half an hour. I did it for my ex who worked far longer shifts and it barely took any longer. You just barely have to get up, push buttons, maybe carry some things, and wipe down counters. You act like it's some gigantic arduous task when most adults are fully capable of cleaning up after themselves with little effort. Nothing about basic maintenance activities is special. Don't be fucking ridiculous.

        As for young children, why yes, I happen to think it's better to have a stay at home mother... for the first few years. Then it's better economically for all parties concerned if she at least has a part time job to contribute funds. You know, for the future of that child? Thinking forward? Being responsible?

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        I'm not talking about you taking care of you or another adult that doesn't make a mess. Did you even read all of my post, or just pick and choose parts of it to argue with out of context?

        Do you have kids?

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        As for young children, why yes, I happen to think it's better to have a stay at home mother... for the first few years. Then it's better economically for all parties concerned if she at least has a part time job to contribute funds. You know, for the future of that child? Thinking forward? Being responsible?

        Did you even read my reply?

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        The entire first paragraph that you wrote in response had nothing to do with what I was talking about.

        Young children don't just evolve into mess-free creatures. They still need food, they still need clean laundry, they still need to go out places or have friends over to play. Right now no one's able to do much because of the Covid shit, and depending on the options chosen you might be teaching your child full-time while doing all that other shit too.

        I don't think that any of what I type to you will matter though. I welcome you to continue your childfree journey of maximum capitalism.

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        The entire first paragraph that you wrote in response had nothing to do with what I was talking about.

        So the answer is "No, I didn't read before I wrote my reply". I'm not having a nonversation with someone who isn't bothering to participate.

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        Tending to a household with children is completely different and time consuming than two adults. You have no idea.

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        My middle class friends thought that. Then they had to book into daycare for a day and all the other kids the same age as theirs were sitting nicely havering their tea party and their kids were flaying around like jabbering little animals.

        We can romanticise the nuclear family too much. Community care and socialising with other kids actually does children the world of good. You think those high achieving rich kids were looked after by no one but their parents?

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        Kids can and should still be socialized, especially if parents are part of homeschool groups, and should take their kids to the park and playground (when it's actually effing open again.)

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        By that measure everyone who believes in any religion or government is childish.

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        If you're curious about why this viewpoint came to be I recommend

        It's very short but it delves deep into why people in general give up their independence, like OP did. OP did it to religion and the dynamic she has with her husband, but if it wasn't religion she would have found another venue. Others give up their self for political ideologies. Fromm talks about both these things and more in his book.

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        You feel the same about stay at home dad's too?

        I mean, you're barely containing your own contempt and bitterness about the thought of a stay at home/kept Mother. Interesting to observe.

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        Unicorns do exist

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        LARPs are more common.

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        This is where a bunch of gender critical feminists found haven in while escaping TRAs, but it's a big platform with a ton of different subs.

        I think one of the tradfem women that helps mod your sub runs a vintage fashion and vintage items sub.

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        GC feminist here, I wholly support women who want to be stay at home moms to be able to do so. Even more now with schools being insane over the pandemic, if I had kids I'd want to homeschool them at this point. The lifestyle is just not my thing and my thing is that it never should have been forced on all women.

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        The OP specifically says she wants to be controlled by her husband, nothing feminist about that shit

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        The feminist part is the choice.

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        No, not really. There's slightly different takes on that in feminism. Rad Fems deride lib fems as "choosy choice" feminists, because the idea that any choice a woman makes is feminist is a bit shortsighted. A woman having the ability to freely choose is an outcome of living in a feminist society, but using that freedom to make choices that limit future options (for yourself or others) is not a feminist action. I.e. if you are a woman who writes a book saying that women should be subservient to their husbands, you would using the rights won by feminist to do that, but doing that is not a feminist action.

        Summarizing for clairty: Feminism is liberation. It means is freeing women so that they can make their own choices. The choices they then make with that freedom are judged on their own merits and may or may not also be feminist.

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        I like that distinction. Kind of like how immigration is not a liberal policy.

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        Welcome to saidit - I'd recommend /v/TraditionalWives on voat but I think many of the previously active posters have ended up in homestead situations where they don't have great internet. The general subs are a strange brew of different outcasts.

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        glad to see a woman who's learned her place!

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        Since you appreciate that kind of woman you'd be wise to not express your sentiments in such a crude manner as you'll scare off your potential victims mates.

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        men protect the women, you're the only one talking about 'your potential victims!' You seem violent and unstable. I have reported your comment for expressing violence towards women, and blocked you. Best of luck to your future victims!

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        Bravo, well done. You've only been on SaidIt 9 days and managed to report and block me. Who's actually unstable?

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          go back to reddit with that horse shit.

          women have a right to be well taken care-of by their man and not to worry about your bullshit liberal politics.

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          Hey, there! Welcome to! I hope you enjoy your stay here!

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          Christian,lol.They will soon go extinct.

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          True, childfree angry feminists will outbreed the family loving women.

          Feminism is just nature correcting itself. The degenerates know they're degenerate, so they don't get kids and paint themselves with blue hair and other colours signifying they're dangerous, just like poison frogs:

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          You're not White silly troll.

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          fake you don't exist anymore

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          Suck my cock,then.This is the tradition.

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          That tradition would have likely also seen you hung for going after the wife of another man. Tread lightly, foolish filth.

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          Too feminists... wow. You ladies talk so much can’t you get on the same page? Can’t you have some workers with equal rights along with support systems for Mothers? The most important role in our society. Let’s figure stuff out. Are women as hard headed as men?

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          If you are serious, you are better off joining an offline community (there are plenty) instead of wasting time on the internet; after all, younger mothers tend to have healthier children. But you are just another boring LARPer, so go fuck yourself.

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          Thanks for the sub link. I'm a dude but our values are in alignment. The sub looks like a good place to stay caught up on current issues affecting the family.

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          I personally don't like this life style, but I respect your right to do what you want as long as you're not harming others. :)