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Also, even though I am a lefty

you wont have an issue, this place is pretty accepting of all points of view. dont get discouraged if someone barks, it will eventually happen.

and vise versa

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Hello. Fellow lefty here, disillusioned with the conformity of thought that's been making the rounds through, well, many communities. Welcome!

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I haven't used Reddit in a long time but after wandering over there, it just seems like yet another social media site where people do nothing but bitch - at each other, and about everything. Sure there are a few funny things here and there, but now that I've had too much free time, I have noticed that the Internet these days exists just for people to fight.

I miss the days when you could get online and even if people were arguing about something, they would still actually be talking about something interesting or something they were interested in. Maybe the problem now is that nobody has interests and nobody really DOES anything and they take that online. Hell, I was blown away to find out the woman I'm renting a room from actually does crafts, it's been so long since I've lived with somebody who finds something to be engaged in!

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Welcome! Here's some info about this place :)

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The FAQ is good too.

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Many folks don't understand the nuances of the left, much less the difference between Marxism, socialism, and communism. But many do. Stay strong and play long.

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Another soy white...

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