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While your comments are more or less consistent with my experience, the way you're posting them makes you sound like a troll coming here to post a caricature so we can later be pointed at as horrible racists. Just something to keep in mind.

I don't think that black people are any better or worse than other people. I think that society, for whatever reason, has just decided that black people get a pass on bad behaviour. And any group will start behaving badly when they know they can get away with it

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any group will start behaving badly when they know they can get away with it

So true.

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Which society? The world is not homogeneous, there are many different cultures and they aren't all woke like the west. Yet this same thing is seen everywhere. How do you explain that?

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It's generally safe to assume when on a US based website with a US based userbase hosted by a US based company, that references to society have an implicit "US" attached to them

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That was a rhetorical question. The point is that there are not different relative crime rates between races from one country to the next. In every country the asian crime rate is lower than the white crime rate even in counties that are known to be racist against white people. The black crime rate in Latin america is higher than the white crime rate, even in countries that don't have affirmative action social engineering programs.

Lax laws lead to higher crime rates across the board. But relative differences persist. While I agree that logically this would mean that in a society that has disproportionate enforcement there would logically be a resultant discrepancy in crime rates; there does not appear to be any society in the world that shows this in practice. The effects of racism in society, to whatever degree that racism actually exists, does not appear to be manifest in any of the data.

And to make that point a little more tangible: 20 years ago the popular SJW claim was that the high crime rates in black neighborhoods were the result of under policing. Exactly in line with your claim, they believed that long police response times, low conviction rates, and the accused police attitude of "let them kill each other if they want" were what CAUSED the high crime rates. So the city of Chicago greatly increased police presence in these neighborhoods. Instead of seeing a crime rate lower than white neighborhoods which now had an order of magnitude less police resources the only thing that changed was the SJW propaganda. They now claim that it is the police presence that is the cause of high crime rates.

So your theory starts off from a logical point, but when tested it is found to be false. The proof is in crime statistics from around the globe, and it is in the cities and neighborhoods that made policing changes and found the results to be underwhelming.

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yup, blacks were always wild animals. Free to commit all the crime they want as long as they don't step into a civilized neighborhood.

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That is not at all in line with what I said. Perhaps instead of spouting vile shit you could try saying something intelligent.

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you sound like a troll coming here to post a caricature so we can later

I think that's racism. Blacks and whites just communicate differently and that's why you think I'm a troll because I don't walk like white people.

black people get a pass on bad behaviour.

Black Americans cause the most trouble but never actually get in trouble. They have it wayy to easy in America and that's why their failures. We Africans are taught from the day we are born that good things come ot those who are good but black Americans think they are entitled to good things no matter what. That is their problem.

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It is wrong to say they are this, that, or the other. There is no such thing as "objectively lazy". How much work you are willing to put in relative to how much reward is a huge spectrum, not a all or nothing kind of thing. The same goes for every one of those traits, they are all spectrums and not binary. And you can't say any particular black man is lazy based on his skin color. There are hard working black men.

To have any kind of reasonable conversation you have to be specific about the details, especially in today's world where everything that challenges leftism, even if it is the truth is herecy. To a religious person just listening to a heretic is a sin. So the few people who dare to listen out of curiosity will jump an any excuse to say you are wrong and cling to that as if their eternal soul depends on it.

The reality is that on average black men are more likely to rape, commit crime, act psychotic and be lazier than the average white man. Individual men can very a lot from that average, and so do their individual outcomes. But when you start to look at group outcomes it becomes stupid to cherry pick individuals and compare the group outcome to the individual and say that there must be something unfair because the individual has good qualities but the group is poor. In order to have a valid assessment of why the group has a certain outcome you have to look at group averages. And as a group the average IQ, work ethic, and criminality all explain the differences between racial groups.

All of this has to be denied in order to maintain the narrative that it is all caused by white racism. And white racism as the cause of all POC problems has to be maintained in order to justify the constant and ongoing hatred, demonetization, and attacking of whites.

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I wonder (((who))) is behind all this loxism, and the loxist movements?

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well, a bit harsh to say all, but yeah the black community is fucked up beyond belief. At this point has no one but themselves, and leftist cheerleaders telling them to double down on their shittiness; to blame.

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Welcome! Now let's look a bit deeper;

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    the second one sound like she just has mental issue/mentally challenged

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      You sure? Most black people are broke (for obvious reasons) and can't afford help so they just do it themselves.

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      They literally think that just because they survived slavery, can survive any climate, and are the longest surviving race of humans on the planet then they are superior. It's fucked up xD Only Africans see the truth. Blacks are inferior.

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      It would be better for black people if they became cognizant of their weaknesses and strove to do something about them. And actually the same holds true for everyone, but in this climate you are called a racist for saying that.

      Obviously, in today's America blacks are encouraged to the opposite direction.

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      What about Jews.

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      The only one I know is Drake.

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      Now do black women

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      Noting to say. We're perfect.

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      that must be why so many white men want to date black women huh?

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      Yikes - this was um... never-mind