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True, reddit now IP bans - but if your loxicom account hasn't got banned and you just create a throwaway it should be okay. Archive was made using a python script while the sub is in private but you can also put it on restricted and archive it through wayback machine. Head mod from troll (dontdoxxmebro) archived quite a lot of posts before trollgc got the ban. I'm not sure what the main gc sub did though. I did the screenshot thing but often there's hundreds of posts which makes that method more slow. For smaller subs though it's doable, just create a document for the links and maybe separate them by type of crime for badlybehaved (similar to the flairs). PP was specific but it's one of those things that tras said wouldn't happen (in mixed sex spaces) so was a good record but maybe it can be merged with another sub.

Just waiting for the new site to go live, it's in alpha testing at the moment.