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Welcome. Literally a dozen communities I went to got banned over the past few years. I'm about done with Reddit too. They also aren't letting me get a new account without an email. That's not going to deter people from using it /s.

I think the last straw was banning /r/PCOS, a sub for discussing PCOS, a hormonal disorder that only affects women that can cause infertility, acne etc. It was a decent size sub.

Recently a bunch of transwomen started posting there saying it was an intersex condition, which pissed all of them off. Then they started bitching about the women there using the word women to describe themselves, because it didn't include transwomen or trans men.

Literally neither of this groups had any reason to be on that sub (biology).

Got a women's space for discussing a women only disease removed because it didn't include them.

So done with Reddit.

And now they've reopened it it's just being stripped of dissent.

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Un-freaking-believable. The inmates are taking over the asylum.

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You have to understand that reddit wants white women to be infertile or to breed with non-whites. This is their agenda.

It's a sick website owned by a jew.

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    As much as I hate to admit it, that is a valid argument. Obviously there is more to that equasion than controls more = must be better. But the sheer amount of white people who are brainwashed is staggering.

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    I understand why reddit is bowing to the idiot trans activism crowd. $$$$$. But replacing mods and doing massive bans from a sub discussing polycystic OVARIAN syndrome for not validating trans women?? The fuck?

    Biological men with gender dysphoria or fetishes that make them "feel" like women still dont have ovaries. Trans men might still have ovaries and I saw them post from time to time, but they're not the one who threw a shit fit.

    I just cannot fathom how reddit admins saw a subreddit about a disease that affects OVARIES and were like "Yeah u right that is transphobic because it doesn't include trans women, a group of individuals who have exactly 0 ovaries." I'm eagerly awaiting the day all the dick related subreddits get banned for discussing male anatomy and talking about men. Should happen any day now, since surely the screeching TRAs and reddit admins will understand how transphobic it is for men to talk about dick related medical conditions without first acknowledging that some women have female penises and some men have male vaginas and everyone is welcome to comment and redirect the conversation to be about their vaginal issues. /s

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    Urm, is that the reason the banned that sub? That's just crazy.

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    Totally agree. Controversial didn't cut it because you got nonsensical spam and trolling mixed in with the actually-controversial opinions. Here's to the eclipse

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    Here's to hoping Saidit eventually eclipses Reddit

    I'm going to be honest with you, I hope the exact opposite. I've suspected that we're already constantly attacked and monitored by intelligence agencies. Becoming a serious competitor to a major social media platform would up the ante big time and possibly put users at risk of being in trouble as well. Not trying to scare you away from using the website, just being honest

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    Well, I agree with you partly. I don't want it to grow very big. Because I find the bigger a corporation becomes the more conformist it gets. That harms free speech.

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    It's been that way for years, they just finally went off the deep end this year.

    I stopped commenting altogether three years ago because they would just downvote-to-hell any opinion different from their normal libtard-scripted narrative.

    Now I just read good Ask-Reddit posts and that's all. The rest of their site is garbage. Even Ask-Reddit is full of fake scripted replies. It's ridiculously obvious, too.

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    Could you link some of such scripted replies? How do you determine them? Do they actually make it on top?

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    Yes, they do make it to the top. Some of them are too obvious when it's commercials hiding as comments. It's some r/TIL and then the top comments are discussing some related product. Starts with a "wholesome" comment, then "Question" and then an answer that includes the product. It's completely scripted and normal replies are collapsed LOL. Try to ask the watchredditdie community because I remember seeing them discuss this with evidence of leaked admin logs iirc.

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    I understand that a lot of groups got banned. However, I am more worried about what is left. I live in Louisville, KY and I posted repeatedly on r/louisville providing a lot more conflicting information that I was seeing. I repeatedly got banned. After a while I figured out that even the slightest deviation from the standard narrative was unwelcome. For example, in many of the so-called police brutality videos people edited out the part where they are provoking the police to an absurd length. When I brought that up or tried to post the full versions, I got banned.

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    Well naturally. Can't have you screwing with the narrative.

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    Here's to hoping Saidit doesn't become Voat either.

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    lowkey was about to mention that saidit sucked too for not having sort by controversial either lmao

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    hahahaha nice. i guess saidit's version would be a 'funsightful' tab. or hunt for a low score and many comments.

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    Good, welcome to the real

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    The most blatant example of how fucked up Reddit is has to be the fact that they got rid of "sort by least popular" option, because instead of finding garbage you would find all the good content you weren't allowed to see.

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    Too many commies over there. How can we prevent them from taking over here?