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Welcome! not sure what gc or the cancellation of women means but hey I think we’re trying to make this place pretty free — honestly that means it’s a bit more raw here but I find it refreshing - there’s no downvotes so you get to see what people say, warts, warmth, weird, and wonderful ;) that said so far I’ve seen respect across the board even if people have “unpopular opinions” ... it’s been nice

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GC means Gender Critical. They are people who remember from their highschool class that sex is a biological characteristic, not a feeling to prep in the girls bathroom.

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Oh nice, thanks!

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Welcome! Fellow GC-er who enjoys debate and challenging my assumptions.

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Doesn't GC like gender based abortion? Im skeptical of your intentions. Also, what is the "patriarchy" that women love to talk about?

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Glad you're here. I don't know anything about many of the banned r/subs but just the fact that they were banned bothers me.

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    I'd like to think that originally medical transitioning was a legitimate effort to help people with dysphoria lead fuller, happier lives, but the reality is that any treatment of a medical condition that relies upon delusion is doomed to fail eventually. You can't expect society to embrace such delusions on a wide scale without there being any negative consequences eventually. Instead of encouraging people to accept and embrace themselves and reality as they are, instead we were told validation is all that matters. Provide constant, uncritical validation, no matter what the claims or demands are.

    And so here we are now, where men go around shaming lesbians for not wanting to sleep with them as "literal violence". In a way, society's unwillingness to say "enough is enough" at an early stage kind of enabled this monster to be created, and now we're all paying the price of dealing with the ridiculous trans movement and its constant homophobic demands.

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    I had debilitating body dysmorphia as a teen. At the time I was extremely suicidal over it and if I had the option to get surgery to look the way I wanted, I would have jumped at it. It would have been "life saving" in the same way that hormone therapy is considered life saving. I threatened and attempted suicide and was put in the psychiatric ward... which is what happens to most people who threaten suicide.

    Would it have helped to get a tummy tuck and breast reduction at age 15? Who knows. Maybe. But in any case I had much, much deeper issues that needed to be addressed. And had I gained that weight back or still been uncomfortable with the way I looked post surgery, that suicidality would still be there.

    It's not even a matter of opinion, but of ethics--putting kids in dangerous situations without proper assessment or giving them tools to cope. And yes, endless validation of all sorts of delusions. Validation is important, but it's the first step. Validation only therapy for someone with actual delusions would be mindblowingly harmful. At some point you have to move on to healing

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    After having PTSD myself I do understand the sort of hell they are going through, but the validation culture seems to be set up to trap them in that hell and a cycle of rumination that reinforces existing fears.

    Same with overidentifying with mental disorders... the more you immerse yourself in that stuff, the more you think about it, the more you worry about it, the more your brain thinks it's vital to survival, the more obsessive you become.

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    Psychology background here, and what peaked me was the expectation that everyone be provided "validation" all the time. When sometimes the correct course of action to reduce stress and promote wellbeing is exposure therapy. Validate feelings first but then you HAVE to move to the next step.

    No good friend should be validating your fears to the point that you can't grow. I'm stunned that this has become the norm and grateful that I missed the Tumblr mental illness/identity wave by an inch, or I'm sure I'd still be stuck overidentifying with my own phobias and body issues.

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    Biology is fundamental knowledge about life. I'm glad that we can understand each other. I recently wrote a dissertation about the freedom of our thoughts and the possibility of verbal consequences. It seems to me that the emergence of such resources is a consequence of our social development. We can talk freely about feminism or gender revolution. This is normal in today's educated society.