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Radfem sounds like something Bill and Ted would say to a chick. Welcome aboard.

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I'm not sure why the GC lot are so accepting of the 'radical' feminist moniker. There's nothing radical about rejecting trans pseudoscience, it's the de-facto standard position of most of the people in the western world. It's the trans-activists that are radical.

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They are not radical. At transgender's root, they are enforcing gender stereotypes.

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I agree with that. I remember 20 years ago we were encouraged to let children play with whatever, let the girls play with trucks and the boys play with the doll house, it was all good. Now if a boy picks up a barbie his parents put a dress on him and his doctors put him on puberty blockers. It's all about stereotypes.

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Yeesss this wtf

Some of them absolutely doubled down and said all men were inherently bad. Whatever. At least they actually allowed different opinions in the sub. And 99% of people were just plain rational...