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I largely agree with you. I find drag completely tasteless and don't see how dressing up as something you're not and portraying a bunch of stereotypes is somehow demonised in one situation and celebrated in another.

We men hear you too. We have people saying they're men because they like to wear pants. We have singers telling us that "If I were your gender, I'd be a heartless, cheating, lazy piece of shit!"

You know what, neither gender is so shallow that just dressing like them makes you one of them, and stereotypes don't reflect most of us accurately. These people who have the gall to say they know they're the opposite gender have no frame of reference for what that gender has ever felt like, and idolise and fetishise just the smiley, happy, "grass is always greener" sides of the other sex. There is zero way to prove the way you feel isn't the exact same way every other person of your gender feels and they're just dealing with it better or not fixated on the negatives.

So yes, own your gender. Fight the people who think they can claim to be one of you just because they like something "feminine" or "masculine."

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It’s not patriarchy. It’s identity politics, and feminists helped build this monster. What, you think that conservatives decided that men can become women? No, that’s social constructionist thinking and intersectionality. You made this mess. Enjoy!