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Welcome. Fuck reddit and fuck censorship. This site similar to early reddit. It will likely go through the same cycle, except at a much quicker pace.

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I don't think it will turn into reddit as it is today, unless they start relying on unreliable moderators and/or relying on advertisement. Money and political power is what turned reddit into what it is today. Without money, you have no incentive to cater to advertisers which means no political bias which means no deleting wrongthink which means everyone's voice is there even if it's not heard (read, because when everyone's voice is important, no one's is).

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Do you think that the owner of this site doesn't care about money? What do we know about him? Nothing. Why should be believe or trust him? No reason at all. This site could've been created by China. Who the fuck knows.

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Until we start seeing ads, I'm not worrying.

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Welcome... Same. I still hold what I think are liberal values, too. But apparently things like enlightenment values translate to "far-right" over there.

I'm guessing you've found s/GenderCritical here, too?

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things like enlightenment values translate to "far-right" over there.

Agreed. It's very easy these days to get branded as 'far-right', in almost every case that is given by opposition. Being a 'right' is like walking on a thread nowadays I suppose, you may fall at any moment.

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I fucking hate TwoXChromosomes, I was being extra polite and was genuinely making an inquiry and they fucking attacked me for it, and I got banned!