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I just heard about this Gender Critical idea today when they flooded the front page. What exactly is your problem with them and why?

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i doubt you'll be able to get any meaningful discussion or unique viewpoints from this dude. it's ironic that he's calling gender critical people NPCs when he'd be the embodiment of an incel NPC lmao

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Look, all I wanna know is if you're bringing with you good looking females...emphasis on born female? I'll discuss with them all about patriarchy and orange man bad stuff they wanna disqus

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there is no such thing as an incel NPC. you cant be an incel and an NPC.

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and yet there you are

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send me your address, i will come fuck you real good.

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damn now that reads like a pornhub comment feed

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stop watching pornhub you degenerate. holes aren't suppose to watch porn. go build a family.

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Already have the best family. All-white, 5 kids, go to Church every Sunday. Where's your family?

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Yep. My experience with the gender critical crowd is that they’re only now pissed off because some weird men found a way to usurp their position as most oppressed evar. Yet another case of the left eating its own.

That we can agree that men are not women doesn’t detract from their persisting belief in patriarchal oppression and other feminist nonsense.

Edit: made more polite.

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I get what you mean and it does seem like they'd just rather be the most pampered category of oppression olympics, but at the same time, in this climate of extreme groupthink backed by blackmail it takes brass balls to go outside the status quo, even if for misguided reasons.

I'd still rather like if they'd go all the way and figure out the real division between oppressor and oppressed is class\wealth though.

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they may have changed since i first got into the ideology but what i know about gender critical is that it's just the belief that there are only two genders. if you have a Y chromosome, you're a guy, and if you don't, you're a woman. that's it. anything beyond that is the bullshit that we're critical of. none of that non-binary, transgender, what's your pronoun whatever bullshit. oppression was never part of it. but that might just be my own personal view of it.

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I get and agree with that, and admit my ignorance, but from my superficial skim of it during the JKR controversies, it seems like most people there are still keeping the radfem framework of being systemically oppressed by males and by the patriarchy - which I don't agree with, at least when it comes to western society.

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i'm probably ignorant about that, as well. radfem and gender critical ideas are mutually exclusive in my mind and i don't consider myself a radical feminist. i mean, i do believe in equal rights and equity for women but i don't think the whole world is out to get us to make sure we fail. i can somewhat see where radfems are coming from in terms of oppression especially with the older generations but i agree that the problems people endure between different socioeconomic stratas are more obvious and should be more heavily addressed

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Once someone sees that one thing the good guys on TV tell you is true isn't true, they might start seeing other things.