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I just joined the same way. I hope this blossoms into what Reddit should have been. This is the only way to truly send the message against their hate and racism, as well as maintaining our freedoms.

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Make sure to go to your account page and delete every post/comment you can. Make sure to leave as many holes on reddit as you can, so the site is left a broken, unintelligible mess.

Alternatively, edit your comments/posts to something like "Censored by reddit."

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I've been on /r/WatchRedditDie for quite a long time. Maybe longer than this ban wave has been planned.
I don't think they're ready for the backlash this is going to cause.
But we're glad you found your way here.

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I actually started using this site again after r/WatchRedditDie started sticking their link to it, too.

Hope you enjoy your stay in here. Feel free to visit /s/ConsumeProduct if you feel like consooming some memes.

spez after thousands leave reddit in one day.

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    Hello, spammer. We've activated agents in your country with your personal details, who will be contacting you in person very soon. It is unfortunate you've chosen to become a criminal.

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