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Welcome! Trans women are not women but turns out they are Reddit admins.

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Tranny grannies

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For so reason a really scary version of Little Red Riding Hood just got conjured up in my head.

"My what big ..." Nope you know what? I'm not going to type the rest of that thought.

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Yep. And influential in Silicon Valley to an extent most don't realize.

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I'm glad this is the top comment.

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At this point the term "hate group" is solely used to shut down free discussion, most of it harmless or even important. The new sub is at /s/GenderCritical (if you weren't already aware)

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I’m not even sure I understand what “hate group” even means after Reddit did this. I would have thought neo-nazis and the KKK, but apparently a space for women sharing their opinions is a “hate group.”

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Wait until you find out what Nazis and the KKK were actually about, and you'll understand.

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I don’t understand what you’re implying.

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"Hate groups" have always served actual disenfranchised people. If black people were actually oppressed, you wouldn't be hearing "black lives matter" from the entire mass media apparatus.

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That’s an interesting idea. I assume the media says “black lives matter” because they love the sensationalism and can’t talk about how workers are exploited through capitalism. It’s a conflict of interest to acknowledge class.

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That might be close, the bourgeois elites are setting the lumpenproletariat against normal people. It's hard to address the class issues though without first recognizing that half of those billionaires are Jews. And that the reason that capitalists brought women into the workforce was to cut wages in half.

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Sorry, I can’t get behind anti-semitism. Jealously only goes so far. I can get behind the wealthiest people are keeping power and money to themselves out of selfishness.

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This is where class analysis fails - you're conditioned to be unwilling to see half of the picture.

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Lol no, no I’m not.

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It's the same shit femicunts have been doing to anyone who disagrees with them for years. It's pretty funny.

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Women are the majority, thus they aren't protected. Gotta love Spez

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Yeah not like women have faced hundreds of years of male oppression globally. Nope we are the 'majority' and hold all the power so must protect the poor men against us and our scary words like "biological sex is real" /s

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I hate feminism, but I support free speech.

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feminism isn't just one thing, and like anything what it is probably isn't what it is represented as. Like anything the most easily found versions of it and the ones that seem everywhere are probably misrepresentations of what it is at its core. This is probably true for a lot of things you might be part of. I know the things I believe or the labels I feel an affinity for are grossly misrepresented even by people who loudly claim the label. They're "toxic mimics" usually (check out Derrick Jensen's youtube video on toxic mimics). I think with so many people migrating here from reddit, we should consider taking each other in at face value and ignore the labels. Socrates always started from a point of agreement, and I think we can do that on anything.

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Exactly, it's the same thing with BLM, at its core there are organizations and movements that do indeed strive for equality but unfortunately we only put the spotlight on the loudest ones and their actions never align with their message

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Socrates always started from a point of agreement, and I think we can do that on anything.

One of his better ideas, imo. I also love his view on the innate goodness of people (expressed as Socratic Intellectualism):

"one will do what is right or best just as soon as one truly understands what is right or best"

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I'm re-reading 'the Mo Tzu' and it occurred to me how many great thinkers or philosophical traditions can be broke up into "good human nature" or "bad human nature".

Moists I guess held to a good human nature and they thought like this: if we can not look to rulers for a generalized sense of what a ruler should be, where do we look? Well, as a people of a nation are under a ruler of that nation, so the nations are under the heavens, so we should look to the heavens. The heavens bestow their bounty to us freely with no discrimination such that all are loved equally (ie food and water are anywhere you look so we're all blessed equally by nature's gifts), so universal love should be the standard by which a ruler is measured the way plumb bobs (or plumb lines), levels, straight edges, and compasses (for circles) are used in building.

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universal love should be the standard by which a ruler is measured the way plumb bobs (or plumb lines), levels, straight edges, and compasses (for circles) are used in building

As a civil engineer, I find this especially beautiful.

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Am I the only one who's not just here because of subreddits getting banned, rather all of their 20+ accounts are suddenly getting permabanned in the last 48 hours?

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What have you been doing with those accounts to trigger the bans?

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Some of them, nothing. Accounts were banned that I've never even posted on before.

I've ban evaded before, that's about it. None of my accounts had been banned in a very long time. Guessing they rolled out a way more beefed up system to ban all accounts that have ever ban evaded.

Some of the people I've seen banned, I was surprised since to my knowledge, they've never broken rules.

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Run from this cult.

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You're not being oppressed. You're just an annoying cunt.