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Thanks man, thoroughly enjoying it thus far. They most likely are going the way of tumblr and are gonna end up castrating themselves in the end.

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How the hell do I use this saidit app on Android? I just literally signed up.

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F-droid have saidit app

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Man, Steve Huffman taught me how to make web apps. I am forever indebted to him for that but sure, fuck him!

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A good man can do bad things and a bad man can do good things. One does not preclude the other.

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I really do feel it is time for a way of professionally training mods and admins. Too many feel that they need to ban a poster for disagreeing with the hivemind or for having arguments with another poster. There are a few reasons to ban posters and they include disrupting a board by spamming it or posting nonsensical stuff, posting content that BLATANTLY promotes racial supremacy to the point it destroys a board(see Voat), making threats and promoting violence. Many of these sites think they can ban you for being right of Lenin. That has simply got to stop.

I would almost believe that all social media needs to have a creed, a central guideline dictating who can and can't be banned, and how respect for all moderate political opinions needs to be respected that everyone can go back to and quickly go over. If it is not respected, there should be someone in the government who will intervene on your behalf. It's long past time these idiots can just bully conservatives off boards for disagreeing with them.

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I just arrived here as well, It will be so nice o get rid of the political correctness and grammar bs

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Fuck spez, indeed