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Hey welcome! I recognize you from r/conspiracy, I know you post high quality content, good to have you here. Keep me posted if you make a sub!

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Thanks! I definitely have some ideas!

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Hey welcome! I've left reddit too, I used to write articles that would get to the top of /r/conspiracy but now they get consistently downvoted in to the gutter. So I know how you feel. Happy to have you aboard!

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I think the mods on conspiracy are

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Yeah I think half are compromised and they keep the non-compromised half busy, and it ends up in gridlock, and that has slowly made the sub go bad over the last couple years. That's kind of been my feeling about it

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It's polkadotgirl!! I would be interested in hearing your tale of Voat whenever you get a chance. Lots of people still consider it to be the only reddit like free speech site. I know that their canary died like a year ago and that they have a "secret investor".

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I think I will write a longer post to expand! I'll tag you. Can you tag on here?

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Cool. You can only tag in comments here and I think the limit is 3 users.

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You the polka-dotted poster from c_s_t? If so good work on the stuff you put out.

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Yes sir! Thank you!

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What do you mean about voat? I don't use it past the QRV subreddit, but putt seems like a good board owner. I haven't seen evidence the QRV sub is comped, but the rest of the site could be...

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How long have you been over there? There was a whole mess about them selling out maybe 2 years ago (maybe more, I was inactive for a while before I deleted my account which was maybe a few months after the Black Rifle Coffee Company BS). Whole front page was full of stuff. Maybe their announcements sub has something about the Angel that invested. That is the sell out most refer to.

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Basically it was amazing! Then one day, the owner made a huge decision in regards of where to host the platform. The next day, it was another world.

You know how Reddit is a liberal hivemind? Well it became the opposite.

And I'm very conservative but you could tell some dirty work was at play...

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I remember putt had to migrate from Microsoft servers to Ubuntu and that was a big deal. He also got an angel investor, but that was before voat/v/ was endorsed by q. It's still the only place other than 8kun endorsed by q.

If us military uses it, is good enough for me.

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Have you heard of ? If so, what have you heard of it?

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I have not. Thoughts?

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It's a wiki rather than a forum, so it looks more like Wikipedia, but it is not owned by corporate interests. It has a lot of information about deep politics so it might be of interest to you.

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A few years ago I went to Voat in hopes it would be better, but it sold out (I can actually explain what happened if anyone is interested).

Yes, please do!

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I think he's referring to the "anonymous benefactor" that gave it a cash injection and has kept it afloat past being deplatformed by all payment providers - in addition to the fact that it's warrant canary has been dead for over a year. If I had donated a bunch of money to Voat, I certainly wouldn't stick my real name (or even a pseudonym) on it.

Ultimately it doesn't matter who is financing it - because you should be practicing good OpSec everywhere. It's still uncompromising from a free speech perspective, and that's all that matters. One of my comments even made it into a trash liberal rag (Vice) trying to get the site cancelled, I never got a ban or even a warning.

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Voat lost their canary in the Black Rifle Coffee Company stuff. Not long after that the Angel appeared to keep them going. They also had a lot of mod problems around that same timeframe that made me finally just leave. Got tired of the constant drama. I still check on it from time to time and may go back under a completely different name than this or my original.

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I think all the mod drama was Q related stuff. Those "Trust the Plan" folks crack me up. Anything to avoid the horrible realization that they are on their own - and well on the way towards being hated minorities in the lands their forefathers tamed.

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There was quite a bit of it. Then there was a small cabal of folks trying to take over abandoned subs (especially larger ones) and run them like their own little Reddit. Lots of "make your own sub then" stuff then Putt came in and took most away from the two main assholes. Around Angel time he kind of disappeared for long periods which made it harder to stay. Hopefully he is either becoming more active or has more people to help now.

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What others said and I 100% believe it was infiltrated. As reddit is the liberal hivemind, Voat became the opposite...and I am very conservative.

But it became all about racism and hate, and I think that made it so Voat could never get too popular or as popular as Reddit.