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I'm here for the same reason. As long as you're ready to engage with opinions you don't agree with, its great!

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"conspiracy theories", corruption, esoteric knowledge, and anything hidden from the general public, without the conversation being moderated unjustly.

My kind of person. Welcome friend, see you around!

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where do you want to start OP? The classic Jefferey Epstein didnt kill himself or how Bryan Callen was part of the pedo cult in hollywood I cant wait for the discussions!

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I'm red-pilled don't worry. The cabal of Luciferian child rapists and murderers who sacrifice kids to the "negative polarity beings" for power. It goes way beyond Epstein and Hollywood. Gets really fiction-esque the deeper you dive into occult rituals and read about the Brotherhood of the Snake and the origination of it all. How the rituals have been passed down from before the age of Pices.

You ever read about pre-Holocene humans? Or about how there are spots around the globe with damage that looks exactly like nuclear warheads were set off? Just a couple of things I'm researching currently.

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This is all very knew to me, I havent completely dived in cause I had no places to start but your reply is very insightful thanks. Do you have any other resources I should check out or certain topics?

I cant fathom whats really going on behind the veil of society but as long as more people are waking up and taking notice maybe we can figure it out

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for some easy listening stuff i recommend robert sepher's youtube channel Atlantean Gardens. i know i post about him a lot but its honestly my preferred method of learning while still being able to do something. also you should read wikipedia about operation highjump, mk ultra, mk naomi, operation paperclip. in regards to real world stuff if you havent learned about pizzagate you can start there and pay attention to the names. use the search engine because google blatantly censors this kind of stuff.