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Hello! It feels a little strange to say "Welcome!" when I'm just another participant here right now. But you seem so happy to be here! So, Welcome!

It's ironic....I came to Reddit to find a non-mainstream community, and now Reddit has turned into one of the most mainstream and single-thought-ed comunity, of all!

reminds me of another company that claimed it would never become evil...

the inability to cancel content, but only to "kick it"

I think this is a feature on Ruqqus, not SaidIt.

It sounds like you have some positive hopes for what these kind of media sites can be, which is a lot better than Reddit is right now. It's nice to see you here, and I'd be very happy for some or all of those hopes to be the reality here.

I hope the creators/admins /u/magnora7 and /u/d3rr see your message too, they've put countless hours and lots of thought into making the site what it is so I'm sure it's nice for them to hear some appreciation for that.

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Indeed it is nice to hear, thanks. Countless hours is accurate.

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I think this is a feature on Ruqqus, not SaidIt.

You are right man!

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Nice, welcome. I'm glad you like what we're going for here.

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